3AM Sunday morning shooting spree

Ashton Woods

3AM Sunday morning shooting spree

Why would someone who lives between the main gate and around 1-2 miles inside start shooting their semi-auto (over 200 rounds) for over an hour at 3AM in the morning? Besides being dangerous it is rude!!! This would fall under our protective covenants {XIV Nuisance}. Did anyone else hear this gunfire barrage Sunday morning? Paul, I would like to here your comments.

John Miller
572 Ruckman Road

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  1. Kcchiodo@gmail.com says:

    My husband was on our site on Ruckman all weekend and heard the shots but couldn’t really tell anything about direction. I guess, being from West Virginia, we are used to hearing this all the time anymore. Here in Barbour County, someone has bought a 50 cal and as Vets, we sure don’t like be startled by that at all hours, but it is mainstream here, and jrice is correct.
    Some general info:
    Kathy Chiodo

  2. jrice9921@gmail.com says:

    This is a difficult issue to address as a HOA since shooting is allowed on your property. Not to minimize the issue, but the shooting could have been outside of AW with the way the mountains effect sound. Hunting at night for coyotes runs from January 1 to August 31, so you can have legal shooting at night. Since we are outside this timeframe and the excessive shooting, this issue would have been best addressed by calling 911.

  3. I agree that it is rude and not being a good neighbor. But I don’t know you can deem it dangerous without knowing more specifics. It very well could have been a bunch of drunks firing randomly in a very dangerous way, but not necessarily. Hopefully we can find out if it was a property owner and address such inconsiderate behavior with them.

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