Access codes updated

Ashton Woods

Access codes updated

All access codes have been changed and emails sent with the new info. I’d like to say that everything will work without any hiccups, but it’s inevitable that I may have fat-fingered a code or sent a typo. If you have any issues access the gate or rooms, please let me know.

The temp codes will remain active until 5pm tomorrow evening

As stated in the email, please keep your personal code to yourself and do share with anyone. It’s pretty amazing how many vendors/contractors/realtors have been blowing up my phone(and Veronicas) even though not a single contractor code has been altered….that means they have been using personal codes to gain access all this time. If you need a contractor/temporary code……please email me. I try to get back to requests immediately, but please don’t wait until your contractor is at the gate waiting.

I will be around for a while longer to assist with any questions, but I can assure you that the beverages will be flowing as soon as I hit send……if you get an odd response, you waited too long 🙂

All the best,

5 Responses

  1. says:

    Is this a typo? “As stated in the email, please keep your personal code to yourself and do share with anyone.”

    And do we need the # character anymore?

    Charlie Winfree #77, #61, #71

    • Sean Lecher says:

      Yup….Obviously that’s a typo. Format hasn’t changed at all, only the numbers. # still required

  2. Veronica Banks says:

    What is the contractor code for Main Gate?

  3. Sean Lecher says:

    Also- if you send me an email, please include your name and lot #. It makes it much easier to pull up your info. Thanks

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