Annual Cleanup

Ashton Woods

Annual Cleanup

I personally want to thank Tim Schafer for the excellent job he did on the annual area clean up at the Through View Gate. It looks great Tim. Jerry and I along with a number of other full-time residents volunteered for a number of years and know first hand what is involved. Sadly I understand there were not many volunteers this year but with all the new residents we’ve acquired lately hopefully that will change for the next cleanup.

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  1. Cheryl Willard says:

    I like Kim’s idea. I had originally volunteered to help with the gates, but we had an opportunity to fix a long standing leak in our garage and had to take it. My apologies. This mountain living is new to me, and I want to help where I can. I think a sign up sheet or even just a list in the RCS buildings is a great idea. There’s also the General Notices page on this site.

  2. Linda Wangerin says:

    Your comment is both timely and a bit nostalgic, Shirley. Many of us who were “originals” are hitting some high birthdays these days! 🙂 For those who are newer to AW, there was no money budgeted for landscaping in the first year or two. A number of folks donated funds so we could get the three gate areas taken care of. Paul volunteered to head it up. There was the design element, the time spent at nurseries to purchase the plants, delivery to set up, ground preparation, planting, mulching. It was wonderful to see it all take shape. The young plants needed water so various AW neighbors trucked it to the gates in various containers (like empty trash cans!) in order to keep things alive through the first summers. Rocks were moved into position. Signs were put up. Today we all enjoy “coming home” as we drive through our gate areas.

    As with most things in our community, it takes volunteer involvement. It’s us tending to the landscaping, making sure the RCS buildings are swept and tidy, filling potholes in between road servicing, planning the annual picnic, watching over the roads, setting up mailboxes, putting in the dry hydrants, watching for fire danger, organizing the annual meeting, etc., etc. As Ashton Woods continues to grow in terms of owners who have dwellings or use their property more often, it’s easy to assume that things just get taken care of by “someone” but that only happens if we all take turns pitching in.

    Kim, perhaps you can make your suggestion to the Board (in case they didn’t see it here). Last year, the pandemic meant we didn’t gather for the annual meeting in October. We should be back to normal this year which means there will be sign-up sheets for various activities and ongoing functions. That’s a great time to volunteer too.

    Happy Spring!!!

  3. Tim Schafer, says:

    Thank you Shirley! You, Jerry and so many long term residents have served their term of volunteering. I hope that newer owners will help to keep our dues low by volunteering.
    Tim, 204, 205

    • Kim Bowmaster says:

      We appreciate all that volunteers do. It really is a great community and everyone we talk to is friendly. A suggestion to get more volunteers would be to keep a running list of things that need done with instructions (if needed) and people can sign up to do them as they have time/are visiting.

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