Any idea what is going on Friday night/sat am

Ashton Woods

Any idea what is going on Friday night/sat am

1:30 am, guess we missed the invite to the party? Either that or a local bar with professional sound system moved onto the mountain 😂

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  1. Paul Wangerin says:

    As several comments referenced the Ashton Woods board, it is helpful to realize that the board has two responsibilities. One is to enforce our covenants and the second is to maintain our roads. From a legal standpoint, the board is not to be engaged in issues between property owners. Having said that, the board does plan to raise the topic of appropriate quiet time at our October Owners Meeting. Furthermore, it behooves all property owners to be respectful of their neighbors, including observing a quiet time during the nights.

    • John Miller says:

      Paul, found under our restrictive covenants…..
      Article XIV….NUISANCE

      No noxious, noisy or offensive activity should be carried on within The Existing Property, nor shall anything done within which maybe come an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      Thank you, Paul, for responding.

      Our plan is to hopefully communicate directly with neighbors, as it should be. We guess our question is how? This seems like a silly question but we are concerned with others’ privacy and safety. Meaning, we have emails but if they go unanswered do we just head up a driveway despite the private property sign? We swear we are not being trying to be difficult, just trying to figure out how best to handle this. We know privacy has been a big concern in AW as well, so would like to know how we are supposed introduce ourselves when it is vastly different than a regular neighborhood. Many property owners have emailed us and we are so happy to hear from them and exchange “hellos” and contact info.


    Oops, pristine, not pristeen.

  3. Matt Dunlay says:

    Can we please get a location on this noise disturbance in AW? Where is this occurring? Can the AW Board please chime in and assist with noise ordnance rules? Hardy County has loose rules on noise ordnance, but does AWPOA have specific rules? It will be important to know if these weekend parties are originating from an AW property. Thanks-

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      Hi Matt,
      I cannot imagine someone is doing this intentionally and is just completely unaware that the music travels so well. I wrote the post honestly thinking we were missing a big AW bash . I’m hoping a neighborly converstation over a beer or two could solve the issue if it ever happens in the future!

    • Tom Craigo says:

      Hi Matt. I feel you, and while I think the board and HOA should follow up on complaints, I also think and we should police ourselves.

      Approach the person(s) and let them know the issue. If they don’t comply then escalate it. Most people will comply. Young people may need a nudge.

      My opinion.

  4. Tom Craigo says:

    That’s unfortunate. I’m not a buzzkill and have been known to have parties, but after 10pm you need to bring it down a notch, or in this case, many notches. I know building is expanding and occupancy as well, but this is a ‘mountain’ community. It’s not a rave. Be considerate.

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      Thanks, Tom. This helps me see that this is in fact a considerate, welcoming community! I was really disappointed last weekend. Of course a party here and there, a family reunion etc… they are meant to be fun and yeah, loud! But after hours not so much. My hope is that they don’t reallize how much sound travels in the valleys/mountains, especially once a few (dozen) beers are consumed. My husband and I absolutely love Ashton Woods and the wonderful peace we get when we are there. That being said —- if ANYONE has any issues with us please reach out immediately! We are in the community directory!

  5. Andi Parkinson says:

    Kevin that’s exactly what we heard!! A DJ from the radio and SUPER loud music. All night until 2 am, then started up again in am around 10 am until we left (earlier than we usually would). We are lot 176, south branch mountain road.

  6. Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

    We were there all weekend and were up well into the wee hours of the morning sitting out on the porch, but I didn’t hear anything. Where are you guys located? Any way to narrow down where it may be coming from based on who heard it and who didn’t?

    • Kevin Moyer says:

      I can’t speak to this past weekend, but a few weekends ago the music was in-between or in the vicinity of the two sets of power lines about halfway up the mountain, east of me (291).

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      We are fairly certain we know who it is… but we would make 100% certain before naming anyone. If we hear it again this weekend (please nooooo), then we will walk up the driveway. Which to tell the truth does not make me comfortable at night to walk onto someone else’s property…. It is labor day weekend, which of course may be a louder than normal weekend anyway. But 2 am at that decibel is beyone my limit.


    I was visiting my lot a few weeks ago (337), and also heard what sounded like rock music wafting by, during the day. It seemed far off, so must have been loud to get as far as me. I had to laugh, as I visit my lot in order to escape civilization, to meditate in the sublime silence of the pristeen woods. When I am not shooting my gun, lol.

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      yeah getting away from most of humanity is our goal, but that’s impossible anywhere nowadays. And gunshots don’t bother us at all, but at 2 am….

      This was SO LOUD that we could hear every lyric and every bass note through our generator (which we finally turned on just so see air conditioning would drown it out )
      It was an absolutely miserable night. Now the blasting of John Denver the next morning? Eh, that was fine !

      Of course everyone has the right to a party , even one that goes all night. Just would have been nice to be informed that a loud party was going to happen most of night. Would have dealt with the streets of Baltimore instead

      Just wondering if this is a “normal” event in Ashton Woods and we have just been lucky to miss it before now.

    • Kevin Moyer says:

      Lawrence, Andi,

      My family & I had the same experience a few weeks ago (over the weekend)! The music was so loud from 10PM THROUGH 11AM, Sat-Sun morning we couldn’t sleep at all. We could hear the DJ’s words like the radio was next to us. This is completely inconsiderate behavior. What can be done about this?

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