Anyone available for dog-sitting?

Ashton Woods

Anyone available for dog-sitting?


My wife and I are looking for a dog sitter for a couple of weeks in August. Before we start looking for professional services in the area, we wanted to first check if anyone in the AW community would be interested. Our dog, Alfie (picture attached) is a loveable, 9.5 year Old English sheepdog. He’s fairly low-energy, indoor dog and has a bit of arthritis in his hind legs, so he does well with other older/low-energy dogs. He’s up on all of his vaccinations, and is mostly a beta-type. He also does great with just humans!

We’re willing to offer $300 for a roughly two week period. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me directly, or reply to this post and I can contact you.

Ed Gorecki

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  1. Richard D Willard says:

    When in August? We’re over on Winterberry, I can talk to the family. My oldest has dog sat before. My name is Cheryl Willard

  2. Ed Gorecki says:

    Hi All,

    A few people have asked for clarification. My apologies, I should have also mentioned that we would bring our dog to you. We’re not asking anyone to come to our house.


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