ATVs and Gates

Ashton Woods

ATVs and Gates

There were quite a few messages yesterday about abusive ATV usage on our roads. Obviously, the critical issue would be identifying the operators of this abuse, and just as important would be to provide more security to keep non-owners without permission from entering our community.

Tim Schafer posted yesterday afternoon that he will be serving as our main contact with our gate repair company, and he also stated that the repair or the TV Gate should soon be completed.

I have spoken with several of our owners yesterday and today on the issue of ATV abuse, and we will be setting up more game cameras which should allow us to identify abusive ATV operators. We will take appropriate action when these people would be identified.

Our covenants address ATV and four wheel usage as only for ingress and egress. This, in and of itself is difficult to identify, but speeding, dangerous, and loud ATV driving can be identified. We are asking the cooperation of all our owners to abide by safe and sensible driving.

Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

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  1. Charlie Winfree (#61, 71 & 77) Realtor says:

    There’s another spot, at the top of the mountain, that’s letting ATV riders in from a hunting club behind Lot 255. I have that property listed for sale and am having to explain to potential buyers that it’s a problem I’m working on (and I am). Lot 255 is owned by a non-profit org (Virginia Tech) and they’re not going to do anything about it but I’ve posted the heck out of it and have bold metal “NO ATVs” signs ordered and will also mount trial cams after the leaves come out. These riders are also using a trail through Lot 262 (Jordan) and probably 266 (McConnell), 268 (Lattanze) and 269 (Mohn) to get to the WMA, or they just use the AW roads there. There seems to be a lot of outside ATV traffic in that area.

  2. says:

    Hi Paul. I posted this response on another thread but it is also appropriate here because it provides useful information:

    “One noisy ATV was joy-riding late last night (Saturday April 3) on Ashton Woods Drive and Trough View Rod. I happened to be outside my house and I could see it.

    The ATV was a larger type, with lights on top. It drove up the mountain, out of Ashton Woods through a trail off AW Drive, and did not return. So at least this ATV is very likely a trespasser from outside the AW community.

    I went today to find the point where that ATV trail meets the road and I did. The ATV trail intersects AW Drive at the U-shaped turn on AW Drive (at Lot 135), right before the metal bridge before the Hardy Communications small building at the intersection of AW Drive and Trough View Road.

    In fact, there is a well-traveled ATV trail with fresh tracks from that U-shaped turn on AW Drive (at Lot 135), connecting to Helmlock Lane (outside AW). There are “No Trespassing” signs in both directions at that ATV trail where it meets AW Drive, but given the circumstances it is clear the need to take further action to close that unauthorized access into our community.

    I have pictures that I can share with the board by email.

    Luis Parada”

    • Paul Wangerin says:

      Send us what pictures you can Luis. That is one spot we are targeting. Thanks

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