AW road conditions

Ashton Woods

AW road conditions

How are the roads on site? I am planning on coming up tomorrow, but if the roads are still snow covered or icy I’ll probably skip it.

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  1. says:

    I do appreciate those year-round residents keeping the rest of us posted on the road conditions – thanks!

  2. Cheryl Willard says:

    If you got 4 wd, you’ll be fine, just take it slow and easy. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I don’t find it terribly frightening, but even if you don’t have a lot of experience with it, you should be ok. No breaking in the turn, slow down before the curve, bridges and overpasses freeze first, turn into a skid – unless it goes off the road! 😀 I don’t know if they still teach all this stuff in drivers ed…

    • John Miller says:

      Hi Cheryl:

      Thanks for the reply. Where are you located? Ruckman is 2 1/2 milles from main gate by following Ashton Woods Dr., turn right on Clifford Hollow and then another right on Ruckman.

      John Miller

    • says:

      I can relate Cheryl. I also grew up in Wisconsin – Madison. : ) We always had snow tires or chains. Then again, cars were rear-wheel drive back then, so driving in the snow was a big adventure!
      Does anyone know if the main roads are salted or sanded? Even with AWD it would be easy to slide if it’s icey. Also, do people use snowmobiles in Ashton Woods, (are they allowed?)
      Thanks! Betsy (Lot 345)

  3. John Miller says:

    Anyone been up Ruckman or know if its been cleared?


    John Miller

  4. Tim Schafer, says:

    Hampshire Ridge isn’t too bad. Southbranch Mountain is packed ice/snow.

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