AWPOA Board Meeting Notes

Ashton Woods

AWPOA Board Meeting Notes

The AWPOA Board met today, and there are several important items to share with property owners:

-Trough View Gate . . . all materials for repair of the TV Gate have arrived and this should be repaired by the middle of next week. We all look forward to that fix.

-ATVs, safe driving and speeding . . . since we instituted the 20 MPH speed limit, most drivers have been driving with care, and that is much appreciated. Yet, there are some drivers of both ATVs and vehicles that have not been driving with care. Our cameras have captured shots of some of these drivers, and we have determined that we will now be posting pictures of these careless drivers.

-Review of the covenant requiring the first structure to be built must be a home . . . over the past few months, there have been some questions regarding this covenant. We do want to remind every owner that no sheds, garages or out buildings can be erected prior to a home of 700 square feet or more. We have been consistent on maintaining that covenant since 2015 when the WV Courts determined that covenant to be upheld.

-ATVs and noise . . . there was a recent post that received a number of responses regarding loud noise during the middle of the night from ATVs. We are asking everyone to show respect for all our owners, and thus we are requesting a time of quiet from sunset through sunrise. We have heard concerns from owners regarding noise from such things as . . . ATVs . . . target shooting . . . loud music . . . and even chain saws. Please consider this time as quiet time in respect for all our owners.

-Minutes from today’s meeting will be posted as soon as they are reviewed and approved by our board members.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding these notes.

Paul Wangerin AWPOA Board President

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  1. says:

    How do you notify the association of these board meetings. I would like to attend. The Helmick Family.

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