Ashton Woods

Icy but beautiful today!

Hi fellow community members! It’s an icy but beautiful morning up here at the higher elevations. I can’t see the valley so I don’t know what they got down there, but I hope it’s as lovely as up here. I also hope no one has to get out on the roads until they’re clear. God…
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Looking for garage builder

Hi everyone, Does anyone have any garage builder/contractor recommendations to share please? I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Information on Board Meeting Held 1/16/21

Our AWPOA board met this past Saturday, and we wanted to share several items with you. -Our end of 2021 Treasurer’s Report showed 2020 ending with a net surplus of $32,641.02. -Our roads report indicated the need to replace a number of culverts, which will take place over 2021. While we spread gravel over all…
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Need help!

Hey all, need some helpful young people to do some physical labor to get things in order. Any ideas? Willing to pay cash for good workers. I’m thinking some older teens to early 20 year olds. Thanks in advance.

Trespassing on posted property

Caught a man and dog on trail cam looks like a bear dog and the man had a hand held device I have signs up but they didn’t care

Trough View Gate

As many of you have noticed, the TV gate has been in the up position for a while now. Unfortunately, someone slid into the gate just a few days after the repair company was up here for West gate repairs. They are located several hours away & it takes some planning to get things taken…
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Kids activities near by

I was wondering if there are any local activities/clubs for our kids to do here, such as martial arts schools, 4H schools, football leagues, etc. My wife and I are trying to decide if moving to our place in the near future with small kids is a possibility.

SxS Trails On Property?

Hi. We are fairly new to Ashton Woods and are wondering if there are any open trails on property to be able to run a side by side? We have created some on our plot but are wondering if there are others to explore? Thanks in advance

Happy New Year!

Just wishing everyone a wonderfully prosperous and blessed new year.

Please Be Sure To Remove Campers During January

As our covenants require, all campers must be removed from Ashton Woods properties during the month of January. For all property owners with a camper on your property, please abide by this covenant. Thank you for your attention to this covenant. Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

Moorefield Post Office package delivery

Is any one else not receiving packages from the Moorefield USPS at their respective RCS package center? If the package is to big and doesn’t fit in the mailbox outside the gates, Moorefield USPS holds it at their office in town. Is anyone aware of why they won’t drop the packages inside the gates at…
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We’ll Pressure Tank Repair

Hello neighbors, It seems our well pressure tank is on the fritz. Does anybody have a recommendation on a company to call to come out and fix or replace? Thank you in advance, Gina (Lot140)

Mailbox at Trough View Gate

There are keys in box 15 at Trough View Gate. The mailbox was open when I was there, so I shut it for you. I would have put your keys inside the box, but I was concerned you might not be able to find your spare. Hopefully you’ve noticed they are missing by now and…
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AW road conditions

How are the roads on site? I am planning on coming up tomorrow, but if the roads are still snow covered or icy I’ll probably skip it.

Poachers Spotlighting

Over the weekend friends of mine and I were visiting my property located their the western edge of Ashton Woods. During the night we observed several people with flashlights and ATVs moving slowly through the woods, scanning the trees with their flashlights, and on two instances fired into the dark. This is totally unacceptable. This…
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How do you cope if you lose power?

Hi all, With this being our fist major winter event, we’re wondering how you all cope if you lose power. How likely is a loss of power? I’m not terribly concerned, but it would be good to know all the options. Thanks!


Just want to let you know the Trough View Gate is down and won’t open. We’re currently on opposite side of gate. Neither key fob or code entered in display will open it. It beeps, but doesn’t move. Keep this in mind if you’re traveling out, cause hill is slick and you might not get…
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West Gate

The West gate is not functioning properly. If you see it in the up position, please leave it alone until we can get the maintenance company out to look at it(hopefully this week)

Deer processing

Anyone have a good deer processor ? Thank you in advance

Ford F150 Green and F350 Silver

To all, Looking to find out who tried to park in Lot 294’s driveway in a F150 Green pickup this morning and who was driving the new F350 Silver pickup that drove through the back of Lot 294 and came out stating they were lost this evening? We had multiple people stating they were contractors…
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Creative Designs Kitchen & Bath Center contact info

Hi all, There was a recent post that’s scrolled off now regarding kitchen remodeling and “Creative Designs Kitchen & Bath Center” in particular. Does any one have their new email address? What I have on file is about 5 years old with their address, which they no longer monitor. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Solar panels?

What experience has anyone had with solar panels in Ashton Woods? I have a sales representative coming tomorrow from Design Group 1. Thanks, Marty


Does anyone have a good local source for a cord of seasoned firewood? I really miss the much-used feature on our old website where we shared referrals (or “avoids”) for plumbers, etc. Linda Wangerin

Access codes updated

All access codes have been changed and emails sent with the new info. I’d like to say that everything will work without any hiccups, but it’s inevitable that I may have fat-fingered a code or sent a typo. If you have any issues access the gate or rooms, please let me know. The temp codes…
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Carpet and upholstery cleaning

It can be difficult to find a quality carpet/upholstery cleaning firm that will come to our area. We were 100% pleased with Green Solutions (Harrisonburg) when we used them previously. They have grown and have so many customers they don’t come out this way now but the owner, Barry Glick, kindly set a time for…
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Temporary Gate Codes

I will be starting the personal entry code change within the hour. The temporary codes are as follows: Main Gate- 1111 West Gate – 2222 TV Gate – 3333 All personal codes will be deleted & will no longer work but FOBS will continue to work as they normally do. Once I get all codes…
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Is that normal to have military jets flying over? Kelly mccarty

New Access Codes To Be Assigned

To All AW Property Owners: As there are many non-owners using valid access codes to enter Ashton Woods, we will be changing every owner’s access code. The process will take up to a week, and while these changes are being made, your fobs will still work and we will communicate an access code for each…
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We saw him on the South Branch Rd this week.

Pics of emu in AW on 29 Oct

Debbie Buckley sent along these two photos she took driving along Ashton Woods Drive on 29 Oct.

Missing cat

We haven’t seen our cat since October 21. Her name is Midnight. She is all black and micro chipped. If seen, please call Tracy Rice at 304-268-4355.

Crush and run gravel for the driveway

We are looking for a company who can put down crush and run on the driveway. Does anyone have any suggestions? Kelly and ed McCarty

Custom venison processing?

Anyone know of a place that does custom processing of venison? I got a nice buck this morning, and I’d like to get sausage and jerky done, but I’m not set up to do it here yet. Thanks, Cheryl

Saw the Emu!

Beth and Rachel saw that emu someone posted about a month or so ago! It was on the hillside just before the Trough View gate. Very strange, seeing such and exotic creature hereabouts!

Tree work

Hi All, I had several LARGE trees with bad limbs that were way too close for comfort. I found David Collett who is licensed, insured, reasonable and did an excellent job. I was very impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. His contact information is: David Collett 304-203-7808

Caretaker for Property

Hi Everyone, We’re looking for a reliable person to check on our house monthly. Can anyone recommend someone? Many thanks! Rhonda Baines

Lawn Maintenance

I am looking for a lawn maintenance service. Any recommendations.

Successful Treatment for Stink Bugs

Hi All – I’m curious if anyone has had success in treating stink bugs or preventing the annual inundation of them in the house as the weather starts to cool down? I’ve tried treatments from two different professional pest control companies now and they still seem to be making their way indoors. Curious if anyone…
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Thief in Ashton Woods

To whoever stole the flag/flagpole by our gate and trashed our sign on Ashton Woods Drive – you have until Monday to return it no questions asked. I have a trail cam on that gate and if I do not get it back I’ll pull the photos and file a police report. I know not…
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Can anyone help me disc a small area?

We don’t have any land equipment yet, but I need to get a couple small areas disced for reseeding. Is anyone available to help? I’d be willing to pay for your time. Thank you, Cheryl

Contractor recommendations for log home staining

There was a discussion here about recommendations for contractors who do log home staining some time back, but I can’t find it now. Our home on Little Vanmeter is due to be re-stained. Would like to get on a contractor’s list for now or in the spring. Who should I call? Thanks.

New Bookstore in Wardensville

Hi All, Check out WordPlay on Main St. in Wardensville. We stopped in on our way back to MD Sunday afternoon. Great selection of latest titles, WV cookbooks, hiking books, etc. Also fun selection of games, puzzles, etc. Support a new independent bookstore and local business! Margaret & Tom Karcewski

WV Dept of Agriculture Gypsy Moth Survey

To Ashton Woods Property Owners, In the next few weeks through mid November, the WV Department of Agriculture will be in Ashton Woods setting traps/stations in their survey for gypsy moths. We wanted to alert you to their vehicles and staff within Ashton Woods as it is important to keep you aware of activity within…
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Can anyone recommend a good plumber? Have a leaking kitchen sink and a tub with the jets in it leaking as well. Thanks, Kelly and ed McCarty

Tree removal

We have several trees we want to remove on a steep slope maybe even chipped with a chipper any recommendations are greatly appreciated


Any recommendations for internet providers? Any satellite users? Thanks, Justin

Home insurance

Hi all, Last year’s similar thread is inaccessible now unfortunately. Could someone recommend a home insurer other than State Farm please? Still looking for alternatives. Thanks so much.

Road Damage

Here is a picture of some of the road damage I referenced. We appreciate any information you can share with us. Paul Wangerin

ATVs and Abuse of our Roads

To All Property Owners, While there has been good responses to the concern for safe driving on our roads, there still is abuse and speeding with bothATVs and some vehicles. We have had several instances of dangerous close calls that could have had serious implications of injury. There have also been several ATV rollovers, and…
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Someone running their dogs?

Hey all, Still kinda new to the community, so just want to check out what I’m hearing. I hear a bunch of dogs (or coyotes?) over here off lot Winterberry this morning. My main concern is that it’s coyotes, and I just let my chickens out. Anyone know if we have coyote packs running about?…
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Seamstress or Tailor on the mountain?

Hi all, I need some curtains altered; does anyone have a sewing machine? Failing that, is there a dry cleaner in town that does alterations? Thanks, Cheryl

Eye care and dental care?

Anyone have recommendations for eye and dental care in the area? Thanks, Cheryl

A good swim hole in the area?

Hi AW Community! My wife and I are looking for recommendations on a good swim hole in the area that is open to the public. We have enjoyed taking our 2yr old son out to the river at the public access point just south of AW on Trough Rd, but it’s fairly shallow there and…
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New to the Neighborhood

Hi Everyone. My wife and I are new neighbors here. We purchased lot #200 a few days ago and are super excited to be here. We rented a cabin in Davis County back in November of last year and fell in love with the state. I’ve wanted to own land and have a mountain house…
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Boys being men

Hey all! It’s been good to see this place alive with activity after so many months of quarantine. We saw several machines and vehicles traveling through this weekend and many neighbors were up to enjoy the warm weather! Love it! While I’m here, I want to share with all of you the standards we’re setting…
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Building On Nathaniel Mountain Road?

If you are building on Nathaniel Mountain Road and had concrete delivered in the last week, please let us know. Excess concrete was dropped onto another property and we would like those who delivered the concrete to clean this up. Please send a private message in response to this if you had concrete delivered on…
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Bear Visitors

The one cub looks a little too comfortable.

We had a visitor tonight

This guy wondered thorough our yard tonight.

Anyone missing an emu?

Yesterday driving down our driveway there’s an emu hanging around…it was spotted again by Phil Rinker today. I’m used to bears deer and coyote. But an emu? Really? Felt like Jurassic park yesterday with him running away

AC not working

Hi, anyone have a HVAC company you can recommend. Our AC isn’t working Thanks

Log home contractor recommendations

My wife Cindy and I are new property owners in Ashton Woods. We are looking to build a log home on our lot. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with Kidwell Construction Co. or any other companies that will act as a general contractor to have a log home built? Thank you in advance…
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Bears on the mountain

Hey all, we saw a huge momma bear and what we think were 4 cubs. Tried to get a good pic, but this is the only one worth sharing.

Camper for sale

2014, 30ft, Keystone Outback Camper for sale, $20,000. It has 1 bedroom with queen size bed, shower, kitchen, bump outs, leather recliners and small sofa in living area, electric fireplace, and pop up tv. Sleeps 5 comfortably. We used it occasionally on our lot in Aw and now live here full time so we no…
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Information on our Annual Property Owners Meeting

Our AWPOA Board discussed concerns for holding our annual meeting this year, in light of COVID and the WV Governor’s guidelines for crowd size. We have also reviewed this concern with our attorney, and under the current situation, it is appropriate to postpone the meeting to an undefined later date. The two business items the…
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General Contractor?

Hi all, We’ve used D&T Builders, and they’ve been great, but they seem really busy and I’d like to get some work dones sooner than they’re available. Do we have an alternate General Contractor option? Thanks

Home Builder

Afternoon everyone: I got so much good information from everyone about electrical people, I wanted to reach out again to ask about home builders. Does anyone have any builders/general contractors they used to build their houses they’d be willing to share? I know Bryson does log homes, but I think we are trying to do…
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Landscaper/ grass cutting

Looking for someone to cut the grass and weed wack etc. Once a month or every 2 weeks.

Ruckman road block lights

We have received a couple complaints that the block light system on Ruckman Road is malfunctioning. It has been checked multiple times by Phil and myself. The system is working exactly as it was designed. A couple of things may have led to people thinking it wasn’t working. First, you must pull within 5 ft…
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Good morning fellow owners

Did everyone weather the storm well? We had a power hit and temporarily lost internet, but otherwise no damage or downed trees. What a doozy that was! Let me know if anyone needs anything.

Gates/package/trash rooms

It seems as though yesterday’s storms caused some chaos to our systems. The Key pads for the package/trash rooms at the main gate are malfunctioning. I had to rig them so everyone could access them, but it is not an ideal solution. The TV and West gates are in the UP position & I’m working…
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Found a great HVAC company!

Hi Neighbors, We’ve had a few issues lately with our AC unit and we happened upon a great guy! His name is Rob Dolly, his company name is M R Heating, Air Conditioning, and his phone is 304-538-7148. Super quick, figured out what was wrong right away, very reasonable prices. Peace, Floyd Gómez-Starnes Lots 42…
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Electrician Needed

Good morning everyone! New lot owner here! My husband and I recently purchased Lot #201 and are very excited to be new community members. We are in the process of trying to establish electrical service, and was wondering if anyone had any experience working with any local electricians? Would much rather use someone off a…
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Fire Danger

To All Property Owners: Ashton Woods is an almost completely wooded community and, during dry seasons throughout the year, the fire danger is extremely high. Signs posting the level of fire threat will be installed at each gate within the next few days. Please always use caution with outside fires, smoking materials and fireworks. Safety…
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Comet Neowise

Hello, All! My wife and I are new to the community in lot 54. We have been camping on weekends here since May and have loved every minute. We really enjoy the peace and quiet away from the daily rat race around the beltway where our jobs are. We look forward to being able to…
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I would like to buy a load of firewood if anyone has a contact please advise

Washing and Staining Exterior of Log Home

I am seeking an individual or company to wash and and then stain the exterior of my log home. Anyone who knows of a possible contractor please contact me. Lot 51 on Ashton Woods Drive.

For Safety of Everyone and Road Care

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners: Due to the number of issues regarding speeding and 4 wheel abuse on our roads, we have been forced to implement a number of steps. These steps are important for the safety of all and to help maintain our 56 miles of roads in AW. As an accident is…
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Shout Out to Our Board!!!

A big shout out to our board, to Mark, to Phil Rinker, and to anyone else who has anything to do with our roads!! I took a little drive yesterday, way up into the high mountains of Ashton Woods. As a longtime owner down on Scarlet Oak Dr., it’s been a while since I’ve been…
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Cleaning crew/company

Morning, I’m in search of a cleaning company for a quarterly clean of our house. Suggestions please and hope all of you are safe and healthy


If you are the driver of a Jeep Wrangler that was traveling at dangerously excessive speeds tonight at 8:40 p.m. (Saturday, June 13) heading towards the Main Gate on Ashton Woods Drive, you are a danger to us all! You were kicking up such a huge cloud of dust that I couldn’t catch the color…
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offers for you property

Anyone else out there getting a low ball offer to buy your property from Evans IG, LLC in Woodlands TX I am located close the Corridor H gate?

Need a plumber asap

Any recommendations?

Fill Dirt

Does anyone know who delivers fill dirt?

Kitchen Counters

Does anyone have a recommendation for a local contractor that can install kitchen counters? We did ours ourselves but I’d like to upgrade at some point – thanks!

top soil

Top soil, best top soil is at Grant Co mulch in Baker but it is in bag form. Also can get some from See’s Tire in Moorefield they will deliver.

Topsoil Delivery?

Hi All, Anyone in AW dealt with having topsoil delivered here? If so, who did you go through? Cheers, Ed Gorecki, 236

Proper Use of RCS

Our Refuse Collection Stations (RCS) are only to be used by those full time residents who have an account with Envirco or by those part time residents who have paid their fee to AWPOA. Trash is never to be left outside as Envirco will not pick trash from outside the RCS. If you recognize these…
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Pest Control Suggestions

Looking for recommendations for pest control companies/services. I currently use Paramount Pest and have been getting general treatments every 2-4 weeks for quite a while, but the stink bugs and wasps have not dissipated. Any suggestions for successful treatment options are greatly appreciated!

UPS and Amazon

Am I the only person not getting their packages/boxes delivered to the RCS but instead I get a slip to go to Post Office. Is this because of the virus ? New rules? New driver? My address has trough view gate and RCS2.

trespassers on my property

FYI, My property, 572 Ruckman Rd., has a chained driveway and numerous posted signs. Couples on two different occasions have trespassed onto my property, over my chain and down my 900 ft driveway to my cabin. The one couple was back in Jan 2020 and the most recent last week on the 12th. I have…
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Watch Your Speed

We need to remind everyone to watch your speed while driving on our roads. This is particularly important where the new gravel has been spread as this is beginning to cause some washboarding. Please also encourage all contractors and workers that may be working for you to obey our speed limits. Thanks for your cooperation.…
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Internet Speed

Hi neighbors, Now that we’re spending more time up here, our Hardynet DSL is not robust enough for all three of us. I recently upgraded from 3 to 6 mbps with Hardynet but I’m only getting about 4.5. They said it’s because we’re on the outer reaches of their coverage area. Does anyone have any…
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Spring Social Gathering Postponed

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners, The Ashton Woods Board has decided to postpone our spring picnic to an indefinite time. We will let you know as further plans develop. Stay safe. Paul Wangerin, for the AWPOA Board

Septic tank clean out

Hi, we are part time in Ashton woods and I was wondering how often you get your septic tank cleaned out? I’m looking for a recommendation of a company to clean out Thanks

safety notice trees in power line

Be very careful if approaching a situation where fallen trees blocking the road may be in contact with power lines. This is a situation for power company electricians only. Get the number off a nearby power pole and report it. Currently one has been reported at pole A-31 on South Branch Mt road. It has…
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Respect No Trespass Signs

Several of our Ashton Woods property owners have asked me to send out a post asking everyone to respect the No Trespass signs that are on a number of our properties. We appreciate your compliance to these signs and your understanding. Thank you. Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

local honey

I would check Spring Valley Farms in Romney. They sell local grown honey from Patterson Creek Apiary their number is 304-289 5363 (Patterson Creek Apiary)

Any Dirt Bikers/Mountain Bikers Looking to Ride?

Folks: Over the last 4 months, I’ve built about 5 miles of trail over 35 acres or so. I use them for both dirt biking and mountain biking. If your’re interested in riding, text me: 202.365.0241. Sorry, no ATVs: the trails are sigle track and I want them to stay that way. David

Local farmers?

Does anyone know any local dairy, chicken farmers, or anyone who collects honey? Would love to get in on the local community’s marketplace for these items. For the benefit of the whole community, if there are other local options for produce or meat, that would be good information to have too.

Looking for excavator/earth mover recomendation

Hello AW Community, We’re looking for recommendations for an excavator/earth mover to level a building site for a pole barn and dig a fish pond. The previous contractor we had lined up has no-showed without warning three times, so now we need to look for new bids. Appreciate references on contractors to contact (or avoid).…
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Landscaping, Tree/Brush Clearing

Any recommendations for landscaping work? Looking to have about a 1/4 acre of tree and brush cleared and grass planted around house.

AW Main Gate RCS#2

The key pad for RCS 2 is without power & the door cannot be opened. I can check it out tomorrow and see if it’s something I can fix. More info to come. Sean

Manual labor- odd jobs

Hello everyone. Due to WVU moving to online classes, I have a very healthy & capable 19 year old that is looking to replace some of his lost income. If you’re looking for help around your property, my son (Nathan) would love to help out. Sean Lecher

Internet provider

Hello Neighbors Who do you use for an provider for internet?

ATV Usage on Ashton Woods Roads

It has come to our attention that there has been ATVs travelling at high speeds on South Branch Mountain Road. Our covenants specify that ATVs are only to be used for ingress and egress and not “joy-riding” on our roads. Not only does this damage our roads, but it is dangerous and highly annoying to…
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Ruckman Road traffic signals

There is a 1/4 mile stretch of Ruckman Road that steep, curvy and is very much single lane traffic. We have installed a block light signal system for everyone’s safety. 1) If you approach a station and a yellow signal light is flashing, wait there for on coming traffic to pass you.2) If light is…
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Gate issues/contact info

Good evening, The West gate is good to go, it just needed to be reset. If there are issues with the gates & you try to contact me, please leave a message on my cell phone (618-409-4974). Service isn’t the best up here & my phone rarely rings…the missed call just randomly shows up. If…
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Insurance recommendations please

We have had our Ashton Woods cabin insured through Erie insurance (Baker Insurance Services in Moorefield) since we purchased the property 4 years ago. With no claims, our rates increased 13% for 2020. Time to shop. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim Vogt Lot 219

In need of an exterior house painter

Hi everyone, We are looking for someone to paint the exterior of our Ashton Woods house. Scott

In Need of a Builder

We now have electricity and a well. Now we are ready to build. Does anyone have a builder that they would recommend? We are in Va. so we are struggling to find names and numbers. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Stephan Shelton

Annual Dues Clarifications

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners: Some property owners have misinterpreted the information on the mailing of the annual dues. Please note that the annual dues for all property owners is $500. There are 8 lots that access their property from roads outside Ashton Woods, and these lots do not have access into Ashton Woods…
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Interior Painters

Looking for a contractor in the area for interior painting (bedrooms and bathrooms) Thanks for the help!

hunters for the hungry

does anyone know of a needy family who would benefit from some free venison. It will be cleaned up and rough butchered. I always donate at least one deer to hunters for the hungry but I just learned that Hardy county deer are now unacceptable. The venison will be of high quality and all cleaned…
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AWPOA Board Meeting Information

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners, Two key dates were set in our board meeting today and we wanted to share these with you so you can mark them into your calendars. The date for the Spring workday at our gates will be Saturday, April 4. The date for our annual picnic/social event will be…
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Message for All Ashton Woods Property Owners

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners, The 2020 dues have now been mailed out. Please let us know if you do not receive your mailing by January 3. If you choose to pay online, that can now be done through our website. I also want to remind those owners with campers/trailers on their property that…
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Chimney Sweep

Looking for someone good to clean my wood stove chimney. Any recommendations? Thanks, Steve Dargusch

Security Task Force

In our Property Owners Meeting this past Saturday, we had a discussion on security issues and unauthorized entrance into our community. A variety of suggestions were made and it was determined to set up a Security Task Force. We began that list of interested property owners and had three owners sign up for this task…
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General Building Contractor

We are building our cabin. Work has to start soon, design is ready and materials can be delivered in a few weeks upon placement of order. We are soliciting for any recommendation for a general contractor. Any referral will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us: Philip Lacbawan, mobile: 3015809515 and/or email:

Property Owners Annual Meeting

Every Ashton Woods property owner should have received the mailing for our annual meeting, this year on October 26, beginning at 10:00 AM. Please register your attendance to Veronica Banks by email, or by phone, 304-434-2025. If you are unable to attend, please be sure to send in your proxy vote included in the…
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Need Roofing contractor recommendations

We had a couple of shingles blow off our roof and need to have it repaired. Does anybody have any recommendations for roofers in the area? Thanks, Paul Graham

Dirt Riding Along the Road Right-of-Ways

Folks: I recently purchased a dirt bike to use on my property as well around AW and at dedicated off-road venues. Yesterday I was riding around AW and I found that if you got just off the road, the terrain is technical and fun to ride on, especially since Dominion cleared wide swaths along the…
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Cedar home staining

I need someone to stain and paint our home. Recommendations!

TV RCS Repairs

Access to the TV RCS building will be repaired in the afternoon of Thursday, 9/19/19.

In need of a well and septic installer

Does anyone have a recommendation for well or septic installers? We are just starting to research this and would appreciate any helpful information concerning prices and experiences. Thanks. Steve and Susan Shelton Lot 12

Exterminator / Pest Control

Hello Community, we’re starting to approach cooler weather, which means many of the outdoor critters will soon be looking for a warm place for the fall and winter. We’re still battling the wood roaches and spiders in our basement. Unfortunately the previous referrals on this topic are now gone. Would appreciate any info from folks…
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Home insurance recommendations

Hi all, There was a recent thread on the old forum about that before it was all nuked. Looking for new insurance and would appreciate any referrals as our StateFarm rate went inexplicably up. Thanks in advance!

Solar contractor recommendations

We are looking to install solar on our cabin using the Sol-Ark system. Can anyone recommend an installer? It looks like we will be putting 18 panels on the roof of our garage and another 6-8 on our log home.

Cleaning Recommendation

We moved into Ashton Woods in 2004. Almost from the beginning, our cabin has been lovingly cared for by Debbie Buckley. Debbie lives not too far from AW. She is shifting her schedule around and has a couple of openings. If you are looking for cleaning help (either on a regular basis or intermittently), we…
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Kitchen & Bath, Electrician, Roofing Recommendations

Here are a few referrals for contractors we used and were very happy with. Tile/Flooring/Bathrooms/Kitchens/General Contracting Rick Salyers – R&S Homeworks Moorefield 304-703-0590 Electrician Mike Devito – Devito Electric Petersburg 304-668-2060 Roofing (Metal Specialist)/General Contracting Dave Constable – Dave’s General Contracting 304-703-5005

Referrals and New Website

To all AW property owners: Our old website had various categories as a part of the message board, including one for referrals. Much of this information became outdated and thus overly crowded. Since the new website has been set up, there have been several requests for referrals, and what we would like to suggest is…
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Firewood Deliveries

Hello all! I’d asked this prior to the web site change and since the boards can’t be migrated, needed to find out again. Does anyone have recommendations for firewood deliveries? Thank you!

AWPOA Board Meeting of Saturday, July 27

TO: All AWPOA Property Owners RE: July 27 Board Meeting Our board held its summer meeting yesterday and, in addition to the usual general discussions on finances, roads, security, the main topic was planning for our Annual Homeowners meeting. This meeting will be held on October 26. Watch for more information on this meeting. The…
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Cabin and deck staining

Our cabin is in need of re-treating if anybody has a referral we would appreciate it , thank you

The Total TV Hubbub

It seems a lot of chefs in the kitchen has led to some confusion and also some inaccurate perceptions about ASAP’s involvement in this situation. Let me get everyone on the same page with the total what’s what about ASAP being here and what’s happening at the Trough View gate. First, ASAP. Since I took…
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FIOS Survey

This survey is now closed. The results are below. If we could bring a high speed fiber option like FIOS to the community, you would be most interested in signing up:

New AWPOA Site Is Now Live

The new site is up! Please go to Sign In and reset your password, then update your profile.