Ashton Woods

Wood/Coal stove for sale

Greetings neighbors. I gave a Gibraltar MCC multi fuel stove (coal/wood) i have for sale. Offering to my Ashton Woods neighbors first. This thing is a beast, and in excellent condition, new firebrick, blower works great, glass is clear. Missing the coal banking plate, in the garage somewhere, but have not found it yet. Selling…
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Main Gate

Hello All, Just tried to open the main gate, but it doesn’t work. 😥. Can someone look into that? Happy Saturday 😊

Free bantam rooster “Fancy Pants”

Anyone want a cute little bantam rooster with lots of character? I’ve got a bigger rooster that has started to bully him, and I don’t want him getting hurt because he challenges the big rooster right back. Spunky and cute, but destined to get hurt. He’s basically a chihuahua in chicken form. 😀


Can anyone recommend a good plumber? Have a leaking kitchen sink and a tub with the jets in it leaking as well. Thanks, Kelly and ed McCarty

Tree removal

We have several trees we want to remove on a steep slope maybe even chipped with a chipper any recommendations are greatly appreciated


Any recommendations for internet providers? Any satellite users? Thanks, Justin

Home insurance

Hi all, Last year’s similar thread is inaccessible now unfortunately. Could someone recommend a home insurer other than State Farm please? Still looking for alternatives. Thanks so much.

Road Damage

Here is a picture of some of the road damage I referenced. We appreciate any information you can share with us. Paul Wangerin

ATVs and Abuse of our Roads

To All Property Owners, While there has been good responses to the concern for safe driving on our roads, there still is abuse and speeding with bothATVs and some vehicles. We have had several instances of dangerous close calls that could have had serious implications of injury. There have also been several ATV rollovers, and…
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Someone running their dogs?

Hey all, Still kinda new to the community, so just want to check out what I’m hearing. I hear a bunch of dogs (or coyotes?) over here off lot Winterberry this morning. My main concern is that it’s coyotes, and I just let my chickens out. Anyone know if we have coyote packs running about?…
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Seamstress or Tailor on the mountain?

Hi all, I need some curtains altered; does anyone have a sewing machine? Failing that, is there a dry cleaner in town that does alterations? Thanks, Cheryl

Eye care and dental care?

Anyone have recommendations for eye and dental care in the area? Thanks, Cheryl

A good swim hole in the area?

Hi AW Community! My wife and I are looking for recommendations on a good swim hole in the area that is open to the public. We have enjoyed taking our 2yr old son out to the river at the public access point just south of AW on Trough Rd, but it’s fairly shallow there and…
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New to the Neighborhood

Hi Everyone. My wife and I are new neighbors here. We purchased lot #200 a few days ago and are super excited to be here. We rented a cabin in Davis County back in November of last year and fell in love with the state. I’ve wanted to own land and have a mountain house…
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Boys being men

Hey all! It’s been good to see this place alive with activity after so many months of quarantine. We saw several machines and vehicles traveling through this weekend and many neighbors were up to enjoy the warm weather! Love it! While I’m here, I want to share with all of you the standards we’re setting…
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Building On Nathaniel Mountain Road?

If you are building on Nathaniel Mountain Road and had concrete delivered in the last week, please let us know. Excess concrete was dropped onto another property and we would like those who delivered the concrete to clean this up. Please send a private message in response to this if you had concrete delivered on…
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Bear Visitors

The one cub looks a little too comfortable.

We had a visitor tonight

This guy wondered thorough our yard tonight.

Anyone missing an emu?

Yesterday driving down our driveway there’s an emu hanging around…it was spotted again by Phil Rinker today. I’m used to bears deer and coyote. But an emu? Really? Felt like Jurassic park yesterday with him running away

Female dog found wandering

please call us at 304-434-3453