Ashton Woods

Changing Oil in the Polaris

I have never changed oil in my Polaris. I have tried and I can’t get the oil plug to loosen. I wondered if there are any neighbors who might help me? Thank you!

Concrete contractor

All, I apologize for posting this question again as I know it has been recently shared however I can’t seem to locate the email that had the response. That said I am looking for a reputable concrete contractor to do work at our lot (143) please share with me the contact info for someone you…
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referencing previous posts of people shooting Sun 3AM

I just documented the entire incident with the WV State Police (Sgt. Roden). Now he is aware, so if anymore shooting at night occurs, just call 911. John Miller lot 62

3AM Sunday morning shooting spree

Why would someone who lives between the main gate and around 1-2 miles inside start shooting their semi-auto (over 200 rounds) for over an hour at 3AM in the morning? Besides being dangerous it is rude!!! This would fall under our protective covenants {XIV Nuisance}. Did anyone else hear this gunfire barrage Sunday morning? Paul,…
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Last Night:: Shoot-out at the OK Corral??

Afternoon All, We were up at our cabin this weekend 10.10.21, at about 3AM-4AM we were awakened by the sounds of gunfire in the vicinity of Clifford Hollow and Ruckman Rd. Not only were we alarmed by the timing and number of rounds fired (over +60), but a vehicle pulled halfway up Ruckman, halted and…
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Sunday morning 3AM fireworks

Last night (Sat) some caring and respectful person decided to shoot their semi-auto gun at least a couple hundred times at 3AM in the morning and lasted at least an hour. It sounded like it was about between just inside the main gate, maybe a mile or so. This is against the rules of Ashton…
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Important Information Regarding the Owners Meeting

Please note the following: 1. Information has gone out for our Owners Meeting, October23, beginning at 10:00 AM. 2. You MUST register for the meeting. Voting will be done with email responses and as we will not be able to identify meeting participants, your vote will only count if you register for the meeting. 3.…
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Addition to “Sad News”

I just heard from Leon Barger, husband of Peggy Barger, who was the mother for Kurtis Kelley. I did not want to identify Peggy as the mother for Kurtis and the other person who dies of COVID. Leon gave me permission to identify Peggy. We share in the sorrow for all of the families of…
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A Sad Message

I received a phone call yesterday from Delmas Kelley, an Ashton Woods property owner. Delmas wanted to share the sad news that his son, Kurtis Kelley, a full time resident in our community just died from the COVID virus. Delmas further shared that several weeks ago, Kurtis’s mother, another full time AW resident, also died…
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Property Owners Meeting-Time of meeting

The Ashton Woods Property Owners Association meeting will begin at 10 a.m. ET on 10/23 and should conclude by noon. That information was missing from the original notice.

Property Owners Meeting (23 Oct 2021)

The Ashton Woods Board of Directors is inviting you to the AWPOA Annual Meeting. This meeting is in a virtual format using the Zoom platform. You have two options to join. You may use the video feature (preferred) which allows you to see the materials being presented. You will need a device with a screen,…
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Looking for a package delivered on Sep 27th

Hi all, We had a package delivered to “shed” on Sept 27th. Has anyone seen a package sitting around in a shed for a week or so? I plan on driving around to all the gates tomorrow, but if anyone can point me directly, that’d make it so much easier. It’s addressed to Richard or…
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Road to…somewhere

We were out exploring AW this weekend. This sign is on S. Branch Mtn Rd, past the does with Nathaniel Mtn Rd heading up from Winterberry. Is this the entrance to the Nathaniel Mtn wildlife management area? Can you drive through there?


Hey, does anyone have any experience putting a garage or large shed on their property? Any recommended contractors? Thank you!

Local Insurance Company

Hello neighbors, we are about to get ready to build our log cabin in Ashton Woods. We are from out of state and don’t know the area well. Do you have any recommendations for local insurance agents who can help us with a builders insurance that we can then convert into a homeowners insurance when…
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Contractor gate code

Is there a dedicated contractor gate code? The Terminex guy is coming and he asked me for a gate code. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the mowing!

We visited our cabin (lot 219) recently and noticed the left and right sides of the road along Little Vanmeter and Shagbark had been mowed. The more we looked at the other community roads, the more mowing we noticed. Thank you to whomever mowed or had the mowing completed. It looks so nice!!

Any kayakers?

We’re looking for info on kayaking through the trough. Anyone ever done it or have any advice on where to put in and take out? Trough Outfitters is an obvious entry or exit point, and I’m sure a great resource, but they are closed for the season so I can’t get in touch with anyone.

security cameras/trail cams

We are researching security cameras and trail cams for our lot. I’m curious to hear from other AW property owners what you use/recommend. Appreciate any input! Thanks!

Does anybody know what happened in regards to the flipped over car?

Hi neighbors. My daughter’s and I saw a flipped over car on SBM Road, coming home yesterday late afternoon. We stopped and made sure no one was inside, but it was obviously a serious crash. I pray everyone is alright and that the driver and any passengers made it out safe and sound. It looks…
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Plumber contractor

Please can some recommend a good plumber

Please Drive Safely

A car flipped upside down into the ditch on South Branch Mountain Road today as a result of unsafe driving. Fortunately the driver was not injured, but it could have resulted in serious injury. Please drive safely and within the speed limits on our Ashton Woods roads. Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

Trespassing on our property

Can anyone help identify this person? He walked past our gate that is clearly marked no trespassing and walked 400 feet down our driveway. This occurred on 8/20 at approximately 8:15 am. Curious if he was on anyone else’s property and what his reasoning is for trespassing. We are off of Nathaniel Mt. Road. Any…
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Deer processor

Hi. Is there a place in town to process deer?

Please thank our Volunteers

Thanks to Tom Schroeder, Kim and Jim Bowmaster, Terry Lockard and Phil Rinker for getting the last mailbox pad ready for boxes!

Seeking Gutter installation recommendation

Hello all – We are hoping to get some gutters installed on our cabin. Doe anyone have a reliable contractor that they could recommend? Thanks for any leads, Philip and Hilary Collins Lot 219

Volunteers needed

Hi Folks, We need 5 to 6 volunteers to mix approximately 35 bags of concrete for the Trough View gate mailbox pad. Saturday September 18th AM. Rain date Sunday September 19th. A great way to meet neighbors and get information about the community also! Contact me 443-848-3433 Thanks, Tim 204,205

Remembering 9/11 on Saturday Morning

Hello. We are at our cabin this weekend and have been trying to think of a way to remember the 20th anniversary of 9/11. My husband came up with an idea — ring our bell at 8:46am and have a moment of silence. If you’re around the area and have a bell, we invite you…
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Recommendations for Builders?

I am a new owner, Lot 255. I need a builder and to get a well, electric and sewer all out to the lot along with a building. I will likely use BW Smith for the well drilling. Any recs for builders or any other trade? Thanks, Erin

Frost Line

Does anyone know what the frost line is on top of the mountain here? I’m looking to start digging and just want to make sure I get the foundation stuff right.

Welcomed Visitors

Hi All, Just thought I’d share trail cam footage of my latest visitors. This makes me smile.

Where is the private entrance to Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area?

Hello All, we recently bought in Ashton Woods (lot 219) and are really enjoying the area. We keep hearing about one or two private entrances — within Ashton Woods — to the 10,000 areas of the Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area. But, we haven’t been able to locate the entrance(s). Can someone help? Thanks much!…
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HVAC contractor recommendation request

Hello all – Does anyone have a recommendation for an HVAC contractor, specifically for one that services mini-split (ductless heat pump) systems? Thanks much, Phil and Hilary Collins Lot 219

Log Home Cleaning and Staining

Good afternoon- I’m looking for some recommend contractors/painters in the area that clean and stain log homes. Thank you. -Matt

General Community info

Hi all, We are new owners in the Ashton Woods community and were interested in some general statistics about the community. The community map on the website that shows homes & installed driveways appears to be from 2014. I was wondering if there is an updated one, or if anyone had any information on how…
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Any idea what is going on Friday night/sat am

1:30 am, guess we missed the invite to the party? Either that or a local bar with professional sound system moved onto the mountain 😂


Can anyone recommend a maid service? Thanks in advance. Morgan

New Contractor Code Assigned

The contractor code has been changed and the new code is now posted in the website. This code can be found under the General Information section. For convenience, the old code will remain in effect for one week. Paul Wangerin

Contractor Code Changes

As was previously announced, we will be changing the contractor code every 60 to 90 days and, most importantly, we will be posting this code on the website. September 1 will be the date that this code will be changed and you will find the code under General Information with sub-heading of Contactor Code. This…
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Free Window AC Unit

After 8 years we finally decided to have HVAC installed at our cabin. This window unit pretty much cooled the whole place and is in great shape – Frigidaire FRA126CT1 12-000 Btu Window Air Conditioner W / Temp Remote – free to good home, I am here today 8/20 and then back next weekend if…
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south branch mt road/ lockinger ridge road

both roads are open Mark

Tree and landscaping contractor

I would like to recommend David “The tree guy” Collett he does nearly any tree related issues and landscaping he has a degree in forestry. He is local to Hardy county, 304-203-7808. He cut down 8 trees, trimmed 6 more and cleared and shred 15 years of saplings and under growth. He does driveways, sidewalks,…
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Miracles do happen

We finished pouring the concrete for West Gate mailbox pad before the rain came! Thanks to Tom Schroeder, John Castalas, John Flowers and not pictured, Tom Tambouro

Rodent in wall- Help finding an exterminator

We have a rodent that has gotten into an interior wall of our bedroom and is either scratching at it or chewing on it. We think it got in through our roofline. We are looking for an exterminator that is willing to get up on a roof to close off the entry point and also…
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Keys left in mailbox

Hi, if you left your keys in the #26 mailbox at the Trough View gate, I put them in RCS1 on the shelf for safe keeping. I’m sorry I didn’t send this yesterday when I found them, but I was out and about all day. I hope you weren’t too inconvenienced and that you found…
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Internet access

We are having a home built on our lot. What does everyone use for Internet access? What’s out there, or is satellite the only option? Is it reliable? How much? Any and all information is appreciated. Steve Turner 147 Troughview Rd.

Volunteers needed

Hi Folks, We need 4 volunteers to help hand mix 22 bags of concrete for the West Gate mailbox pad. I am hoping to do this early Saturday morning August 14. Sunday morning may be a second option. Please contact me. 443-848-3433 Thanks, Tim

Date of Property Owners Meeting

Our Owners Meetings are always held on the fourth Saturday in October. This year that is October 23. I forgot to include this in yesterday’s message. More information including the zoom link will be sent out at a later date. Paul Wangerin

Important Information From AWPOA Board Meeting

Our AWPOA Board met via teleconference yesterday, August 7, and there are several important items to share . . . 1. Regarding our Annual Owners Meeting . . . -Because of the rapidly increasing pandemic infections due to the delta variant, we will be holding our 2021 Owners Meeting via a zoom process. We made…
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Thanks Mountain State

Mountain State Concrete donated the concrete for the 2 new mailbox pads at Main Gate. Please ask your Contractor to consider using them for your concrete needs. They are only a mile from Main gate. Ask for Dave or Michael 304-897-6650. Also, Thank Norman Matusak for volunteering in this task. Tim 204,205

Exciting News

Hi, everyone. Ray and I want to let everyone know that our vacation rental on Main St in Moorefield is completed. It’s the old “ Dr. Love” house if anyone’s familiar. We’re listed on vrbo under “Victorian Homes with Inground pool”. If you have any friends or family looking for a place to rent please…
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Trough view gate

Hi Folks, The TV gate was stuck in the down position Sunday. it is now working. Thanks Terry! The Board is currently reviewing new gate replacements. Thanks for your patience. Tim, 443-848-3433

Thanks To All For Your Attention

Several months ago we said we would be posting pictures of those speeding on our roads. Over this time we have reviewed over 2000 pictures and we are pleased to say that 99 % of all drivers are within the 20 mph speed limit. Very few have exceeded 30 mph, and as there are so…
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Veterinary service

My parents dog got bit by a snake their last visit (we didn’t know it at the time) and we ended up going back to MD to go to my dogs normal vet when the paw got swollen and oozy. They said it was probably a copperhead and that we were lucky. I would like…
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Male German Shepherd found

Our electrician found a young, male shepherd running loose at the main gate without a collar. If anyone knows who he belongs to, please contact Melissa at 304 434-4286 or 304 703-7286. The electrician is taking him to the vet in Moorefield to see if they can identify him. Thanks

Damage to Entrance

Sometime yesterday afternoon, 21Jul2021, a large vehicle (contractor’s?) turned around at my entrance on 3135 S Branch Mt Rd & knocked over large (a ton or more) rocks & tore up a bag of pond pebbles. It would be nice if the person(s) would at least apologize & better yet if they would repair the…
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Troughview gate would not open

On Sat. 7/17 at around noon, I tried to enter AW via the Troughview gate. After entering my code, the display kept telling me to enter the # sign 1st. Which I had done each time. Then a car came down the hill to leave AW. We waited a few minutes to see if the…
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Main Gate trough view

Gate will not go up or down! People are not able to get in or out! People are going through the other entrance

Main gate repairs completed

Hi Folks, Thanks to those that helped repair the Main gate! Please contact me if you have any problems. Thanks, Tim 443-848-3433

Main Gate Failure

Hi Folks, We are aware of the Main Gate failure. Thank you for notifying us. Tim Schafer 204,205

Key Found

We found a single key in the road near the Damato’s, 6728 Ashton Woods Drive on Saturday afternoon. Please contact us here if you believe it is yours. Tom Lot 55

Stray Cat

There is a black cat with white on the chest that is popping in and out along our drive way on South Branch Mountain road near lot166. Anyone missing a cat?

AW Gates and FOB’S

Hi Folks, New gate Technicians came today and restored what they could of these old gates. To those folks whose FOB’S were not working, Please let me know if it is or is not working now. There may be a issue with the Firewall on our Router and may need further updating. Thanks, Tim

Wild Raspberries

Does anybody know how close to being ripe the wild raspberries are? Trying to figure out which weekend to head up. I love the wild raspberries!

WOW! Thank You!

Leon Barger Tony D’Amato Norm Matusak Kornel Schuebel Kevin Lee Gene Wishum Thank you all for Volunteering for our community. If you see any of these folks please thank them for their hard word towards our community. The Trough View gate has a new concrete pad for more Mail Recepticals and Package Lockers! Tim 204,…
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Dead birds in WV

Found several articles on dying birds in Eastern Panhandle of WV. DNR says do NOT touch them , use disposable gloves. Don’t feed the birds and contact DNR. See attached link

Trough View Mailbox users

Hi Folks, I am looking for 3 volunteers. A 6’×8′ concrete pad needs to be poured for the new mailboxes. It will need about 25 bags of concrete to be mixed by hand. The form will be ready and estimate about an hour of your time. This weekend if possible. Thanks, Tim 443-848-3433

New lot owners, lumber prices are falling fast

Washington Post today: “Lumber prices rose more than 260 percent over the past year, as the pandemic reshaped Americans’ spending patterns and disrupted industrial pipelines. But since early May, those prices have plunged by nearly half.” There’s more…

Well Drilling Recommendations

Hello Neighbors! We are looking for a well drilling company. We’ve been in touch with Miller, but are wondering if there are other possibilities? Please feel free to call me on 301-651-5415 or email at with any advice! Thank you so much! Floyd Gómez-Starnes Lots 42 and 43

AW Gates

Yes, The Trough view, West and Main Gates all currently have issues. We are expecting a new Technician to come sometime in the next couple of weeks. Again, Thank you for your patience. The Board is striving to correct this long running problem. Please contact me if you would like specifics about our efforts. Tim…
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Trough View Gate

Hello Friends, Chuck and I are wondering if anyone else is having trouble with their key fobs working on the Trough View Gate but the same key fobs work on the other two gates? Thanks so much for your assistance! The Helmick Family

How crazy are cicadas out there?

Absolutely deafening here around Baltimore…. Not sure we want to succumb to listening to that all week camping this weekend! How is Ashton Woods?


Hello all! Here in some areas of Baltimore, our cicadas are so LOUD you cannot be outside without noise cancelling headphones! How is it in Ashton Woods? Loud but not “hurt your ears” loud? Thank you in advance!

Seamless gutters / roofing contractor

Just had my gutters repaired form snow. Mike Mayle’s, Mayles Seamless Gutters, 304-851-4731. Responsive, reasonable, also does roofs and concrete work. My experience was very good.

West Gate in up position

Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know we are waiting for a Circuit board to be installed to repair the West Gate. Thanks for your patience. Tim Schafer 204, 205


Hi, All, I am the owner of lot 337. I have reviewed the documents on this site, but did not find any specific information on the use of firearms. Are firearms allowed for use on an owner’s property, eg, for hunting and target practice? Thank you. Larry Gottlieb

Questions about well/septic/power and clearing

We’re new owners of Lot 308 and are in the preliminary stages of planning to build. I’ve reviewed all the materials on the AWPOA site, which were a good starting point, but wanted to see if anybody would be willing to talk to me about their experiences with site prep. Specifically, we’re trying to identify…
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Tree trimming services

Last week I posted a question to see if anyone could recommend a tree trimming service and a contractor to build a water feature on our property. I didn’t get any responses so I called a tree trimming service I found on the web. JC Tree Service of Moorefield came out on Saturday and did…
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Excavator Track marks on lot 339

Hi, I visited my lot (339) this weekend and found out that there is excavator track marks. From entrance there is an existing downward path which probably used by Log people before Ashton Woods. It seems not that old because the marks were not washed out. Initially I thought TrailCo (Power company) people used it.…
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Gate Code Manager Transfer

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners: Effective immediately, the role of our gate code manager has been transferred to Sergey Mishkovskiy. We are most appreciative to Sean Lecher who has handled this task for the past couple years. Sergey will also have a team of people to assist with the potential gate problem issues. This…
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Need clay to do a pond or just fill dirt??

Day one of my project and it’s obvious that I’m going to have alot of soil to get rid of. This is all clay and nothing else. If anyone is thinking about a pond in the future and your soil content isn’t proper for holding water, come getcha some! Prefer you coordinate hauling with your…
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Tree trimming and water feature contractors

Can anyone recommend a tree trimming service? We need the ability to climb into trees to cut off limbs along with cutting down whole trees. Also, does anyone have experience having a water feature built on their property? We’d like to have a water feature installed just off our porch. I found Aquatic Creations out…
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RCS Buildings Being Cleaned, May 22 – 24

This message is directed to all who use the RCS for their trash removal – – A group of college students will be cleaning all our RCS sheds between Saturday, May 22 and Monday, May 24. So that the yellow bins (marked Ashton Woods) can be thoroughly cleaned, we are asking all part time users…
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Like visitors when we are there, but prefer to be asked when we are not. Side-by-side with what appear to be kids, “visited” our lot this evening. Am assuming this is just innocent curiosity.

current Gate situation

Trough view gate is again in the up position because of a software issue. Please understand these gates are over 15 years old and have had many bumps, hits and power surges. The extreem weather is tough on the electronics as well. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday the Software will be updated. Thanks again for your…
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repair work on culverts on Nathaniel Mt road is complete—–road is open for travel. Mark l

notice to all AW residents

work replacing culverts on Nathaniel Mountain road is scheduled to begin Monday May 3 and will be on going all week, weather permitting. Best to go around using SB Mountain road when ever possible. thanks, the Road Runners

Seeking recommendations for a part-time nanny

Greetings AW Neighbors, Our family has grown a bit recently and while we’re not outnumbered yet, we’re no longer able to swing childcare for two, during full time telework. We’ve looked into the two daycare facilities in Moorefield and Romney, as well as all of the in-home daycares within a 20 mile radius and unfortunately…
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Noise ordinance

I was wondering if there are set rules on running earth moving equipment early in the morning. I plan on starting some work on my property in the next couple of weeks and want to know how early I can start. I don’t plan to start in the middle of the night or anything, but…
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AWPOA Board Meeting Notes

The AWPOA Board met today, and there are several important items to share with property owners: -Trough View Gate . . . all materials for repair of the TV Gate have arrived and this should be repaired by the middle of next week. We all look forward to that fix. -ATVs, safe driving and speeding…
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Hi Everyone. We’ve just returned to our property after being away for the winter. While we were away our trail cam captured video of a blue pickup releasing dogs, a red pickup with dogs, and 3 men with 2 dogs walking our property. All of these individuals would have had to open our gate to…
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Trough View Gate update

Hi Folks, Electronic parts for the gate should be here by the 26th. Scheduled to be installed 2 to 3 days after receiving. Most of these parts are from out of Country and some are thought to be on the ship Evergreen. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience, Tim

Potable Water Delivery

Does anyone have a local contact for potable water delivery in AW? Thanks in advance, Bob


I’m at lot 10 on Clifford Hollow. I have run across two rattle snakes just this year while walking and brush hogging. They didn’t seem aggressive at all and just wanted to be left alone. I was good with their choice.


This will be my first season on the Mountain, I am interested in anyone’s experience with snakes. How often has anyone here ever come across them, what kind are more typical?

River Rock Crew

We appreciate all the help spreading the river rock at the TV gate. We had good weather and great neighbors. Tim Vogt, Norm Matusak, John Rice, Margaret and Tom Karcewski. Taking the picture Tracy Rice.

Annual Cleanup

I personally want to thank Tim Schafer for the excellent job he did on the annual area clean up at the Through View Gate. It looks great Tim. Jerry and I along with a number of other full-time residents volunteered for a number of years and know first hand what is involved. Sadly I understand…
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Illegal Activity, Trespassing, Etc. Collective Post

AW community, I am putting together an analysis of things that have occurred in AW that would be deemed illegal (trespassing, poaching, destruction of private property). I myself have had several run in’s with people coming into the community on foot, on ATVs, or more concerning, in vehicles (meaning they had a gate code). If…
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Electrician Inquiry

Hello, We have a lot in AW and wanted to add power to our property. Not ready to build a house yet but to power up our camper. Any suggestions on an electrician to provide reasonable quote for the installation of the electrical work? We have already reached out to Phil for the trench work.…
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Dominion or PotomacEdison

I recently purchased a property in AW and had the power switched to my name. I assumed that it was Potomac Edison that I was connecting to. I get a notice from them that they can not access the meter since they are not on the gate list. I am confused. Why would they not…
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ATVs and Gates

There were quite a few messages yesterday about abusive ATV usage on our roads. Obviously, the critical issue would be identifying the operators of this abuse, and just as important would be to provide more security to keep non-owners without permission from entering our community. Tim Schafer posted yesterday afternoon that he will be serving…
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Vehicle use tax in WV

Hi, looking to be educated on registering a vehicle in WV, anyone know the rate of personal property tax on vehicles? Thanks

Broken Gates

Hi all, I am the point of contact for Gate Problems. The new Gate hardware for Trough View gate will be here in the next couple of weeks. It is a retrofit and will cure some of the illegal entry. I am working with Appalachian Signals and Products (ASAP), who originally installed the Gates. You…
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Mouse/pest control

Hi Neighbors, We are looking for a company/person to visit our property routinely to keep the mice out and from doing damage. We are also looking for a cleaning person to come 2x monthly or thereabouts. Any recommendations. Thanks!!

Late Night 4-wheelers

Hello, I usually don’t say much, matter fact first time ever. Little upset at 11pm at night when we should be sleeping. Weekend warriors are in here reaping up and down the roads at Red Spruce Drive. Just when you go bed they come out to play! Why don’t we have a quiet time for…
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April 17, Spring Clean-Up at Gates

We need assistance for our spring work day (work weekend) when we will be cleaning up the landscaping at our three gates. We plan to spread river rock at the Trough View Gate, spread mulch at the West Gate, trim bushes, and rake out dead leaves at all three gates. If you are not able…
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Looking for Hay Bales

We are new to the area. Does anyone know where we can get a couple of hay bales? Thanks

COVID Vaccine Appointments available for Hardy County Residents

Hi All, Just wanted to share this for anyone interested – we just received the heads up from friends in Lost City. Apparently the Hardy County Health Dept has vaccine appointments for county residents this THURSDAY. Call 304-530-6355 to make an appointment. We called the number and can verify the authenticity of this information. They…
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Electric company

Can anyone tell me the local electric company to contact to supply electric to our lot. Thank you

Update on the Trough View Gate

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners: The AWPOA Board is as frustrated as everyone else on the problems with the Trough View Gate. We have researched endlessly to find another vendor to assist with repairs, but no others are available. They have finally looked at the problem (after numerous contacts on our part) and have…
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Patio designer?

Hi All, Following up on my previous post for landscaping tips, we’re looking for recommendations on someone that can help us design (and possibly build) our patio area. Right now, it’s just a gravel rectangle. My wife and I are handy and have a good idea of how we want to use the space, but…
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Landscaping advice?

Hi AW Neighbors! My wife and I are looking to get into a bit more landscaping on our lot now that we have made enough progress on the essential things on our property (e.g. tree/brush cleanup, establishing a lawn, and weed control). We’re looking to tap some of the expertise of our AW neighbors who…
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Did I see a bobcat?

I was about to post a question about whether we had bobcats in Ashton Woods, when I noticed a posting on the “stolen lumber” thread about trying to catch a bobcat on camera. This morning I saw what looked to me like a large house cat sort of on the side of the road down…
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Trough View Gate

I understand that many of you have concerns regarding the TV gate being in the up position for most of the year. The gate company (ASAP) has been up here several times to try and troubleshoot the problem & to come up with an efficient fix. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix.…
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Junk removal

Looking for someone to haul away bulky old appliances. Is there business in the area who could help? I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Trough View Package House

Make sure to check both package houses as Fed Ex seems to drop all packages in one or the other.

Local Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale

Our friends grandson, NJ, started selling fresh egg $2.00 a dozen or $3.00 for 18 pack. Chickens are free range and the kids actually do the work collecting eggs, etc. They live down the road from 84 Lumber but will meet in Moorefield if needed. On Facebook, the group is Sites’s Fresh Eggs otherwise you…
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Spring Clean-Up Day

Each spring, a number of our Ashton Woods owners join to do the landscaping clean-up work at our three gates. Saturday, April 17 is the date for this year. Aware that the pandemic guidelines are still in place, we will handle this as last year where assignments will be given to small groups of people…
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Curious Neighbors… least I hope they were just neighbors

Greetings All. Yes, I get it…new construction rouses ones curiosity and one can’t help but to venture past the “no trespassing” signs, maybe with your family and little dog too…..but please, keep out. I have given certain community members permission to go over and check on things for me, but in the last month there…
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Builder Recommendations

We purchased a lot in AW and are ready to start looking for a builder. Has anyone had a house built using stone on lower exterior with steel (log cabin look) siding? We also prefer a builder who does the “one stop shopping” ie. the builder sub-contracts or has his own electricians, plumbers, excavator, well,…
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that is really sad. He had come to be a real AW novelty. My wife and I first saw him standing in our driveway. Sadly, this could just as easily of been even far more tragic. The circumstances were not mentioned but might be a good time to remind everyone to please slow down. The…
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A sad day. The free range Emu was hit by a car today and had to be put down. It was not me.

Equipment rental company nearby

Can anyone recommend an equipment rental company close by, specifically for excavators and bulldozers?

Standing seam metal roof vendor

Hi all! Looking for a metal roof installer with knowledge of standing seam roofs. (Asking for a friend) Thanks! Geoff Brehm #103

Message for Part Time Residents With Mailboxes

We would like to ask for cooperation from those part time residents who have mailboxes. On a number of occasions it has happened that a package is delivered to the parcel mail box and the part time resident is not in Ashton Woods for several weeks and up to a month or more. This causes…
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Caring For Our Roads

In conversation with Board Member Mark Skiles, who manages our roads, it was brought to my attention that trucks are delivering heavy loads of shale to driveways on South Branch Mountain Road. During the month of March, our roads are quite soft from the melting snow and spring rains, and such deliveries are creating damaging…
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Anybody needs a year old washing machine?

After getting new combo washer/dryer I have no need for a practically new inexpensive GE 4.5 c/ft top loading washing machine. Will be willing to part with that for a fraction of what I paid for it a year ago. Washing machine will be available in a couple of weeks. AFAICT, it works perfectly fine.…
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WV burning law March 1st

Forest fire season in West Virginia includes the spring and fall seasons, from March 1 through May 31st and October 31st through December 31st. During state forest fire seasons, West Virginians cannot burn debris during daylight hours. Outdoor burning is allowed between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Nathaniel Mountain Road—-

received word from top on mountain this morning vehicle is removed from Nathaniel Mountain road–some icy patches were remaining, hopefully warmer temps will melt them today. thanks Mark

Missing Cat

We haven’t seen our cat since October 21. Her name is Midnight. She is all black and microchipped. A cat looking just like her has been seen on South Branch Mountain Road in the last few weeks. If seen, please call Tracy Rice at 304-268-4355.

Nathaniel Mountain Road—-do not use

Their is a car stuck in a ditch on Nathaniel mountain road—this and stretches of solid ice on some stretches make this road impassable at his time. Better to go around using south branch mountain road until this situation is rectified. thanks. Mark

Fresh Catch WV

This came across my FB the other day: Looks like they are setting up some kind of pop up restaurant near the old Stray Cat Cafe down in town sometime towards the end of April. Certainly looks interesting! Grace

Tree trimming/cutting

found this

Snow/ice on roads

How are the roads this morning? Thinking of coming out later today We are off Corridor H and live on Clifford Hollow Road Thanks

Snow on the ground

Had planned on going to my spot on Saturday. Can anyone tell me how much snow is on the ground? I’m in Hampshire Ridge.

Fed Ex Package

Hello, I’m missing a FedEx package that says it was delivered to RSC #2 Main gate this past tuesday. The Address is 42 Potato Ridge Road and was a heavy amazon box. Just checking to see if anyone may have accidentally picked it up. Thank you.

Electrical tie in from the pole

Would anyone have a contact for getting electric run from the road to a drop on my property for an RV Don Bartosh lot 10 Clifford hollow road 443-907-2852

Snow Plowing on Ashton Woods Roads

With the current snow, we will be plowing our roads. Please be sure all vehicles are not parked on our roads as this impacts our plowing. Thanks for your cooperation. Paul Wangerin

Envirco Trash Collection This Week

Due to the expected wintry weather on Thursday, Envirco will be collecting trash tomorrow for all RCS buildings. Please have your trash to the RCS before 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. Thanks, Paul Graham

Driveway snow plowing

We are headed back on Tuesday and need our driveway plowed info is much appreciated 3768 south branch mountain road

Snow Removal Guidelines

As we are currently having snowfall, we thought it prudent to share our snow removal guidelines with our Ashton Woods community: 1. When the snowfall is at four inches of more, we will plow the roads. 2. In most cases, the roads will be plowed after the snow fall has stopped. 3. Our budget does…
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Fire Wood

Good morning- I’m wondering if anyone knows where some seasoned bulk firewood (less than a cord) can be purchased in the area? Grant County Mulch, in both locations, are out of stock and not restocking this winter. Local lumber/hardware stores are not stocked either. Appreciate any help and thank you.

Help with plumbing

Hi. New owner here. I’m in the process of building a cabin, and need a plumber to install pipes under the foundation since I don’t have a crawl space or basement. I have an excavator and foundation person ready to go, but need advice, and help, with connecting septic and well (solar powered) plus installing…
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Icy but beautiful today!

Hi fellow community members! It’s an icy but beautiful morning up here at the higher elevations. I can’t see the valley so I don’t know what they got down there, but I hope it’s as lovely as up here. I also hope no one has to get out on the roads until they’re clear. God…
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Looking for garage builder

Hi everyone, Does anyone have any garage builder/contractor recommendations to share please? I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Information on Board Meeting Held 1/16/21

Our AWPOA board met this past Saturday, and we wanted to share several items with you. -Our end of 2021 Treasurer’s Report showed 2020 ending with a net surplus of $32,641.02. -Our roads report indicated the need to replace a number of culverts, which will take place over 2021. While we spread gravel over all…
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Need help!

Hey all, need some helpful young people to do some physical labor to get things in order. Any ideas? Willing to pay cash for good workers. I’m thinking some older teens to early 20 year olds. Thanks in advance.

Trespassing on posted property

Caught a man and dog on trail cam looks like a bear dog and the man had a hand held device I have signs up but they didn’t care

Trough View Gate

As many of you have noticed, the TV gate has been in the up position for a while now. Unfortunately, someone slid into the gate just a few days after the repair company was up here for West gate repairs. They are located several hours away & it takes some planning to get things taken…
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Kids activities near by

I was wondering if there are any local activities/clubs for our kids to do here, such as martial arts schools, 4H schools, football leagues, etc. My wife and I are trying to decide if moving to our place in the near future with small kids is a possibility.