Caring For Our Roads

Ashton Woods

Caring For Our Roads

In conversation with Board Member Mark Skiles, who manages our roads, it was brought to my attention that trucks are delivering heavy loads of shale to driveways on South Branch Mountain Road. During the month of March, our roads are quite soft from the melting snow and spring rains, and such deliveries are creating damaging ruts. We are requesting that such deliveries be held off during March, allowing the roads to dry sufficiently and thus not damage our roads.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

2 Responses

  1. Scott&Glenda Carpenter says:

    Greetings Paul
    In reference to this with heavy loads of shale trucks we have work starting on our property on winterberry. I understand the concern of the weight of the trucks but not sure how shale trucks can be singled out of the entire group of heavy loads. We are new to the community and understand that we pay a fee for the roads to be machined and maintained all throughout the year. With the contract for the roads to be maintained there will be times of the year that the roads will need more care than others even if that need calls for 3-4 times a week where needed. I am aware of the weight of different trucks but we have several different trucks that have to enter the community that carry the same ton weight as a truck that is hauling shale. I think this maybe could be looked at again and maybe cut the loads to so many per day if needed.
    Something to this measure I feel maybe should be voted on before causing delays to homeowners who are trying to start new construction. Thank you

  2. Michael Tancredi says:

    Greetings Paul, contacted my builder to be sure, but there are no known loads of shale or agregate going to 1370 Nathaniel Mtn that Im aware of. I am getting my propane install done on 10 March, God willing, and that fill material and tank are already on site.
    When the tome comes, i can pitch in and lend a hand when we go to do the spring regrade. I dont have any machinery as of yet, but I will help where I can.



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