Ashton Woods


Can anyone recommend a good plumber? Have a leaking kitchen sink and a tub with the jets in it leaking as well. Thanks, Kelly and ed McCarty

Tree removal

We have several trees we want to remove on a steep slope maybe even chipped with a chipper any recommendations are greatly appreciated


Any recommendations for internet providers? Any satellite users? Thanks, Justin

Home insurance

Hi all, Last year’s similar thread is inaccessible now unfortunately. Could someone recommend a home insurer other than State Farm please? Still looking for alternatives. Thanks so much.

Seamstress or Tailor on the mountain?

Hi all, I need some curtains altered; does anyone have a sewing machine? Failing that, is there a dry cleaner in town that does alterations? Thanks, Cheryl

Eye care and dental care?

Anyone have recommendations for eye and dental care in the area? Thanks, Cheryl

Found a great HVAC company!

Hi Neighbors, We’ve had a few issues lately with our AC unit and we happened upon a great guy! His name is Rob Dolly, his company name is M R Heating, Air Conditioning, and his phone is 304-538-7148. Super quick, figured out what was wrong right away, very reasonable prices. Peace, Floyd G√≥mez-Starnes Lots 42…
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Internet provider

Hello Neighbors Who do you use for an provider for internet?

In need of an exterior house painter

Hi everyone, We are looking for someone to paint the exterior of our Ashton Woods house. Scott

In Need of a Builder

We now have electricity and a well. Now we are ready to build. Does anyone have a builder that they would recommend? We are in Va. so we are struggling to find names and numbers. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Stephan Shelton