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Hello all! Here in some areas of Baltimore, our cicadas are so LOUD you cannot be outside without noise cancelling headphones! How is it in Ashton Woods? Loud but not “hurt your ears” loud? Thank you in advance!

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  1. Tim Schafer, says:

    Its fine in the Evening, all night and early morning. Bring ear muffs for the Day. Like anything else, you get used to it Andi.
    Tim 204, 205

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      Thanks Tim!
      It’s so loud here that your ears ring for quite awhile coming inside! Sounds like more of the same up on the mountain, maybe will be a different frequency :). At least the Whipporwills are well fed!

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      Happy to report you guys have it MUCH better in Ashton Woods! For some reason the decibal and pitch is much more tolerable. Even pleasant!! Great weekend, thanks for input

  2. Tom Craigo says:

    We don’t have them at our home in Manassas, VA. Haven’t been up to the mountain lately.

    I’ve been through several cycles of them. They feed the animals, and with so many of them they provide a boost to the soil, once they die.

    I remember as a child collecting them and doing all sort of gruesome things to them, as boys will do. I don’t mind them. There’s been reports of them flying into cars and people crashing while freaking out. I guess it could happen.

    • Andi Parkinson says:

      They really are pretty amazing, have enjoyed them. I’m shocked at that actualy decibal level, I do not remember it being this loud 17 years ago! We certainly have not had to refill our birdfeeders as often with All-You-Can-Eat Cicada Buffet recently.

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