Comet Neowise

Ashton Woods

Comet Neowise

Hello, All!
My wife and I are new to the community in lot 54. We have been camping on weekends here since May and have loved every minute. We really enjoy the peace and quiet away from the daily rat race around the beltway where our jobs are. We look forward to being able to spend more time here.

If you have not already seen it, there is an amazing comet in the sky at night below the Big Dipper. The skies around Ashton Woods are some of the darkest in the state which makes it a great place for photos and astrophotography. I have attached a few images from our time here this weekend.

Bob & Ann Gelety

4 Responses

  1. Bill Russell says:

    That’s an amazing pic! Wow. Thank you!

  2. Linda Wangerin says:

    Thanks for the reminder, our new Neighbors!

    Linda & Paul—Lot 53

  3. David Steckler says:

    What a gorgeous photo! Thank you for posting.


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