Concrete contractor

Ashton Woods

Concrete contractor


I apologize for posting this question again as I know it has been recently shared however I can’t seem to locate the email that had the response.

That said I am looking for a reputable concrete contractor to do work at our lot (143) please share with me the contact info for someone you would recommend.

All the best for now,

Will Waldron
Lot 143

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  1. Tom Craigo says:

    The other option is to let your builder contract that for you, which they will, but if you doing the general contracting yourself then that won’t help.

    Our contractor takes care of all that stuff for us, even though we are doing some of the GC work (my wife is an architect) but you do you.

  2. Paul Turkheimer says:

    i am working with mountain state concrete to pour my foundation. they appear to be the only game in town or close to Moorefield and their price was fair. i did try a contractor in winchester and he was double the price. the only problem e is getting mountain state to do the job. have been waiting 3 weeks for them to pour my footers, but all my contractors say they do good work if you want poured walls, which we want.

    paul turkheimer

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