Contractor recommendations for log home staining

Ashton Woods

Contractor recommendations for log home staining

There was a discussion here about recommendations for contractors who do log home staining some time back, but I can’t find it now. Our home on Little Vanmeter is due to be re-stained. Would like to get on a contractor’s list for now or in the spring. Who should I call?

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  1. says:

    Hello, I am an Ashton Woods property owner of lots 137, 138 and 187.

    My phone number is 301-646-6207 and my email is ‘’.

    I can highly recommend Martin Olson at 9704 Howard’s Lick Road, Mathias, WV .. That’s atop South Branch Mountain on its way to Lost River State Park. His phone number is 304-897-6793. His email is ‘’.

    Marty has done excellent work for me in the past

    Call me or him if you have any questions.

    “Rick” (A.M. Frucci)

  2. Catherine Baum says:

    Tim Day has done our home and a couple of others.
    Phone is 540 335-5546

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