COVID Vaccine Appointments available for Hardy County Residents

Ashton Woods

COVID Vaccine Appointments available for Hardy County Residents

Hi All,

Just wanted to share this for anyone interested – we just received the heads up from friends in Lost City. Apparently the Hardy County Health Dept has vaccine appointments for county residents this THURSDAY. Call 304-530-6355 to make an appointment. We called the number and can verify the authenticity of this information. They also told us that they will be administering the Moderna vaccine. Unfortunately I don’t have any information on how many vaccines are available.


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  1. Paul Wangerin says:

    That’s wonderful news, Ed! Thanks for the update.

  2. Linda Wangerin says:

    The Hardy County Health Department is doing a great job getting the vaccines out. When you call 304-530-6355, they will take your name and call you back with an appointment day/time. Some shots have been given at the Armory off Corridor H, as well. You need to be a resident of Hardy County. I think I had to show my license. Paul and I got the Moderna. We were in and out in less than 1/2 hour total. Hats off to West Virginia!

    • Ed Gorecki says:

      Hi Linda/All,

      Wanted to wait until we completed our appointments today before posting a response. For everyone’s awareness, they are willing to provide vaccines to AW residents who do not have WV IDs, but have been residing here full time (or near full time) lately. My wife and I are in this boat, and explained this on the phone when we made our appointments. They told us that was fine, and we received our first dose this morning at the Health Dept in Moorefield, across from the post office. We brought copies of our tax bill and utility bills with our names and address on it for safe measure, but we were not asked for IDs when we arrived. They also explained that Hardy county has such a high vaccination rate right now, that they still have a large supply of vaccines and they’re actively calling residents and local businesses to encourage people to come in and take it.

      Just wanted to share our experience in case this is useful to others in the community who are having trouble accessing the vaccine elsewhere.


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