Creative Designs Kitchen & Bath Center contact info

Ashton Woods

Creative Designs Kitchen & Bath Center contact info

Hi all,

There was a recent post that’s scrolled off now regarding kitchen remodeling and “Creative Designs Kitchen & Bath Center” in particular. Does any one have their new email address? What I have on file is about 5 years old with their address, which they no longer monitor. I’d appreciate it.


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  1. Margaret Karcewski says:

    Creative Design
    Susie & Dave Suter
    114 Pine Swamp Rd.
    Keyser, WV

  2. Tom Craigo says:

    Is this the place? It has contact link on the website:

    • Sergey Mishkovskiy says:

      Thanks Tom. I don’t believe so. They are Keyser, WV based. As far as I know they have no dedicated web site.

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