Crush and run gravel for the driveway

Ashton Woods

Crush and run gravel for the driveway

We are looking for a company who can put down crush and run on the driveway. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Kelly and ed McCarty

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  1. says:

    Phil did my driveway work. Does good work and does it honestly.

  2. Matt Dunlay says:

    Fairfax Stone did a great job on my 1/4 mile long driveway. Got 2 25ton loads of #57 and covered it well. Even doubled up in heavy turn areas. My Driveway is very steep with tight turns. The driver had no issue and did a great job (ask for Jerry…he knows what he doing and how to drive a truck). I originally was only going to do one load, but they accommodated a second load that day no problem. I planned out the tailgating and drops with the driver and it came out perfect. They were very helpful and accommodating. Price was very reasonable too. I will definitely have them lay stone again.

  3. says:

    Phil Rinker is the best

  4. says:

    Fairfax Materials can’t help you unless your driveway is relatively level, especially from side to side, free of sharp turns, low branches, nearby trees and low wires. Their trucks are huge, carry 20+ tons of gravel and are very unstable when the bed is lifted unless on level ground. They’re very fussy about where they do ‘tailgating’ service and rightly-so.
    Barring that, your best bet is to have Phil Rinker tailgate your gravel (crusher run is a crushed natural limestone and consists of 3/4″ particles plus a specific blend of stone dust) with his smaller dump truck that can navigate mountain driveways better. If the driveway is steep, crusher run may not be the right thing since the fine materials can wash-off in heavy rains.
    Charlie Winfree #77

  5. Phil says:

    Call Phil Rinker here in Ashton Woods. He does this for people everyday. 304 851 4527
    Thank You

  6. says:

    Faifax will deliver and tailgate it also

    • Phil says:

      Call Phil Rinker her in Ashton Woods. He does this for people everyday. 304 851 4527
      Thank You

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