Curious Neighbors… least I hope they were just neighbors

Ashton Woods

Curious Neighbors… least I hope they were just neighbors

Greetings All.

Yes, I get it…new construction rouses ones curiosity and one can’t help but to venture past the “no trespassing” signs, maybe with your family and little dog too…..but please, keep out. I have given certain community members permission to go over and check on things for me, but in the last month there have been an increasing number of lookie-lou’s.

It is a construction site and if you get injured, there’ll be hell to pay. And for one of you, waltzing up to my cabin build was not enough, you had to go around to the basement door and force it open, breaking the door jamb and then leaving without re-securing the door. Not such a victim-less action, as the door remained open, making my temporary electric furnace run non-stop the entire weekend, finally popping the circuit breakers….and creating issues with the drywall compound that was curing throughout the house. Yep, that’s a new door jamb, $400 electric bill, plus the extra labor to unfarkle the drywall compound….and yes Sir, I have you on camera.

Again, I get it….I’ve done it myself…but please, as I am now fairly bent, please KEEP OUT. I’ll be happy to invite you over when the build is done….beer and brauts on the back deck, it’ll be a blast.

My fairest regards to the rest of my respectful neighbors,

Mike Tancredi

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  1. says:

    Michael. Can you send me the details of who you saw on your property. I am going to post another thread to the managers. And here’s why. Over the last 6 years I have owned my property in Ashton Woods I’ve had several run ins with people trespassing.

  2. John Miller says:

    I finished building my cabin last summer and on two different occasions had two people go through my no tresspassing signs down the 1000 ft driveway to the cabin. I have kept their photos if anyone interested in comparing. My neighbor says they hit her to. Believe they were just nosey!

  3. Scott&Glenda Carpenter says:

    We purchased a lot also the beginning of January. To ensure that this is not trespassers of Ashton woods community it would be great if the main gate was fixed to work as it should. It has not worked since we have been coming in there since January and is always open. Being a gated community was a big plus to us to ensure that unauthorized people could come and go as they please. Sorry you had to have this experience with your new construction.

  4. Michael Tancredi says:


    Have talked with my contractor and together we’ve have taken steps to prevent this in the future. Between that and my current 3 buddies keeping an eye on things, I think we’re ok. If I thought something useful would come out of involving the police, I would, however, at this point enough time money has already been spent and I don’t see value added in pursuing it further. And quite honestly, that’s not how I wanted to start off my experience at AW. I’m a big boy, and will handle it if this occurs should return.

    I’ve been coming up to Ashton Woods for almost a decade now before buying here; everyone I’ve me has been awesome, and am looking forward to spending much more time up the mountain with friends and family in the very near future.

    Have fun and keep it safe, Y’all!



    • Andi Parkinson says:

      This is so hard to hear…. we just purchased a lot and were SO excited that it is a quiet and safe place to be. Are we SURE this is neighbors?
      If so, I’m frankly shocked they would actaully go onto someone elses property and actually enter a building! I cannot even fathom purposely going on someone’s property let alone pretty much breaking in. Could it be non AW community people?

      Needless to say, I guess I should be happy to purchase that cell trail camera now to “watch” the property while we are away.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Cheryl Willard says:

    I’m so sorry you had that happen. I agree with Linda, pursue legal action on that person. We try to be decent neighbors here. Welcome to the community, I hope you get financial compensation for that mess.

  6. Linda Wangerin says:

    This sounds like criminal trespass and breaking and entering. If you have photos, please follow up. We have no routine police presence in AW so we try to look out for each other. I’m so sorry you had this experience, Mike. We’re here 17 years now. It’s a wonderful community.

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