current Gate situation

Ashton Woods

current Gate situation

Trough view gate is again in the up position because of a software issue. Please understand these gates are over 15 years old and have had many bumps, hits and power surges. The extreem weather is tough on the electronics as well.
Hopefully Monday or Tuesday the Software will be updated.
Thanks again for your continued patience.

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  1. Sean Lecher says:

    Thanks for doing this Tim!!
    Ignore the ignorance(easier said than done), as they have zero clue as to what goes in to being a volunteer for the gates. With all of the inputs that have popped up within the past 6 months, It would appear that will will have no problems filling the various volunteer positions within the community.

    Thanks Again Tim, you’re very much appreciated!!

    Sean l

  2. William Winch says:

    So is it DOWN yet?

    BTW I was not implying I would use a WRENCH , I want you to.

    William Winch

    • Tim Schafer, says:

      I spent 2 hours at the gate today working with the Service company over the phone. Looks like the Technician will have to drive the 4 1/2 hours to fix it. WV doesn’t have services like other parts of the Country.
      Thanks for asking and I understand your concern Mr. Winch.

  3. William Winch says:

    use a WRENCH, these gates should be manually lowered into the down position a SECURITY measure. There are two other gates that residents can use until you sort out the software and your grounding problems.

    • Tim Schafer, says:

      Thank you for your input.
      I would not advise unauthorized manipulation of any Community Property as you will be video recorded and financially held resposible for any damages.
      These gates are sensitively balanced for one, and damages like when it was hit by a vehicle back in December, cause a domino effect that we are dealing with.
      It is nice to see concerned residents such as yourself have solutions.
      Please consider being a physical volunter when needed by Board.
      Thanks, Tim

  4. Pauline Lockard says:

    Thanks Tim for the update. It was exciting to see the gate down and respond to the gate code. Looking forward to it working full time.

    • Tim Schafer, says:

      Pauline, I was excited to see it working also!
      Darned if those 4 Circuit Boards and 3 different relays stopped talking to each other.
      Thanks, Tim

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