Damage to Entrance

Ashton Woods

Damage to Entrance

Sometime yesterday afternoon, 21Jul2021, a large vehicle (contractor’s?) turned around at my entrance on 3135 S Branch Mt Rd & knocked over large (a ton or more) rocks & tore up a bag of pond pebbles. It would be nice if the person(s) would at least apologize & better yet if they would repair the damage. I can do it but it is going to take away from my valuable time & I have way too many projects as is.

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  1. aviano1@infionline.net says:

    Thanks Andy & Tim. I will not be doing anything to the entrance anytime soon but appreciate the offer to help. I’m currently involved with a miniature Grand Canon with the rock cliff in our backyard. Working on a 5′ deep Lake Mead & then the Colorado River flowing into it: Ha!

    Ciao, Jerry

  2. Andy Pirnik says:

    Hey Jerry, so sorry to hear that. Let us know if you need help putting anything back together. Not sure who the culprit is but can understand the frustration!

    Andy and Gladys

  3. Tim Schafer, just4schaf@aol.com says:

    You worked so hard on your entrance, i am sorry to hear about this.
    Sincerely, Tim

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