Dead birds in WV

Ashton Woods

Dead birds in WV

Found several articles on dying birds in Eastern Panhandle of WV. DNR says do NOT touch them , use disposable gloves. Don’t feed the birds and contact DNR. See attached link

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  1. Linda Wangerin says:

    Link is not working for me. What is the cause of the birds dying, Tom? Thanks for the heads up.

    Linda W.

    • Meg O’Hara says:

      It is not yet known what they are dying from. They are asking for everyone to take feeders down to help avoid having large congregations of birds that may transmit whatever this is. Feeders should also be disinfected with 10% bleach solution. This has killed many different species across many states. The birds are becoming blind and/or displaying neurological damage. If you encounter sick or dying birds contact wildlife resources at or call 304-822-3551 for our district.

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