Did I see a bobcat?

Ashton Woods

Did I see a bobcat?

I was about to post a question about whether we had bobcats in Ashton Woods, when I noticed a posting on the “stolen lumber” thread about trying to catch a bobcat on camera.
This morning I saw what looked to me like a large house cat sort of on the side of the road down in the creek valley of Ashton Woods Rd. It was beautiful! It ran off and I couldn’t get another good look, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it was.
What a beautiful day in the mountains it was. We are truly blessed to share this little piece of heaven!

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  1. Tom Craigo says:

    Yep, have caught a few bob cats on cam. Have also gotten a few fishers (or fisher cat as they are sometimes called).

  2. Rich Willard says:

    We have also caught a couple of pictures of a bobcat on our property on Winterberry Dr.

  3. Andy Pirnik says:

    We’ve captured them several times on camera. As John said, short stubby tails and the ones we’ve seen look like larger fat cats.

  4. John F. says:

    I bet it was what you saw as I have seen a small bobcat twice in the valley off Ashton Woods Drive. They have short stubby tails.

  5. Andi Parkinson says:

    We haven’t “caught” a bobcat yet on our camera, but we DEFINITELY have bobcat scat on our property. So you may have seen one! If you really want to freak yourself out, google “bobcat noises”.

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