Dirt Riding Along the Road Right-of-Ways

Ashton Woods

Dirt Riding Along the Road Right-of-Ways


I recently purchased a dirt bike to use on my property as well around AW and at dedicated off-road venues.

Yesterday I was riding around AW and I found that if you got just off the road, the terrain is technical and fun to ride on, especially since Dominion cleared wide swaths along the power lines. That said, I’m well aware that every foot is private property and I don’t want to step on anyones toes.

I’m hoping that for the most part the community is okay with this. We have an issue with property owners (and some non-property owners) tearing up our roads with their off-road vehicles. If folks are okay with riding along the sides, it may help to mitigate this issue. In fact, I see it as win-win: many owners bought their property specifically to use off-road vehicles but find themselves frustrated by our 16 mph speed limit. If we allow some riding along the edges, we keep folks happy and keep our roads in good condition.


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  1. Edmccarty@verizon.net says:

    I’m not interested in dirt bikes riding thru my property, and the noise is bothersome as well.
    Lot 128

  2. Bill Russell says:


    Thank you for reaching out and starting the dialog. From the range of comments it sounds like there is quite a bit of polarization on this topic. I like what you propose. Regardless of ATVs, dirtbikes, or cars driving through, I think the most important thing is to respect our fellow property owners, keep the speed low and don’t treat the roads like trails (which I don’t believe you are). I don’t personally agree with the strong sentiment against things that make noise. Every truck that drives by creates noise, every bulldozer and tractor, and every gun fired. While I agree that it disrupts the tranquility of being in WV, I think there should be some allowance for the fact that a large percentage of the owners do have property here to enjoy some of these hobbies. But again, I highly favor respecting the desires of each owner.

  3. just4schaf@aol.com says:

    I think it’s a great idea David. We have been riding in right of ways along the road many times. It keeps the dust down and helps to control the overgrowth. I haven’t seen any erosion.

  4. David Steckler says:

    Thanks for the input, though of course I’m disappointed that of the feedback recieved, it was uniformly against. All the concerns voiced have merit. I don’t know what to say about the noise, “high-class gated community” or not, we have a good number of owners that shoot, ride ATVs, and run chainsaws on a regular basis. As to road damage, I suspect this will be less. All the crusher run that we put down gets pushed into the culverts as it is. The difference being that we pay to dig it out anyway and then we pay to replace it. I agree that all owners should follow the speed limit; however, the fact of the matter is many do not. Hence the damage that is a perennial issue.

    The final point: I do belive “the community” can weigh in b/c while I refered to the private property of the individual land owners, my understanding is that Ashton Woods owns 30ft from the centerline on either side of the road. The areas I’m talking about would–I believe–fall within that.

    All that said, for the time being, I will refrain from riding as described and do some informal polling of the owners that I know. If there is some support for my idea, I’ll consider raising it at the annual meeting.

    Lot 114

  5. harrisbaines@me.com says:

    Hi all
    David, thanks for reaching out to the community.
    We are in agreement with the what the others have already stated. We enjoy the solitude of the woods. Everyone needs to follow the stated speed limit and none of us can grant permission to trespass on other property.

    Best of luck to you and we hope you find a safe place to ride.

    Arthur & Rhonda Baines

  6. Ed Gorecki says:

    David – thanks for seeking the community’s feedback on this. Having grown up vacationing in a natural wooded area where there were no rules like ours to govern the prolific use off off-road vehicles, they cut through the tranquility of the experience like a pack of chainsaws whizzing by every few minutes. They also tore up whatever track they used, gravel road, or grass. My wife and I chose AW for a tranquil nature experience for our family not afforded to us in the city. We support property owners cultivating an environment that makes their unique experience in AW as enjoyable as possible, but not at the expense of their neighbors. While you may be a rider who is considerate of these issues, this would open the door to others who won’t be. Once opened, it would be hard to close. Personally, we wouldn’t be willing to grant right of way through our property for this, not would we endorse this in the community for similar reasons stated by others already.

  7. beaglebowmaster@gmail.com says:

    We have ATVs. We ride on our property and obey the speed limit if we want to go out on the roads. We like the ability to do this because we like to look at all the wildlife and look at all the different properties/cabins from the road. We also use them to take our trash to the RCS. I hope that people continue to respect the speed limit and don’t tear up the roads (and side of the roads) with their vehicles so that they don’t take the enjoyment from those who enjoy riding around the community.

  8. Sean Lecher says:

    Aside from the 2 concerns (noise/road damage) identified above, I have have concerns that we will have cycles flying by in our roads. Like many, we like to walk the roads and take the dogs out. Having any off-road vehicles exceeding the speed limits would undoubtedly put us in unsafe situations while we are out and about.

    • johnboymassage@gmail.com says:

      I agree, they don’t belong in high class gated mountain community like Ashton Woods!! I don’t want them anywhere close to my property….


  9. Sergey Mishkovskiy says:


    In my opinion this is up to individual property owners to either be OK with that or not, not the “community” in general. I’d start asking the property owners where you’d like to ride.

    Just my .02.

  10. wvc45@comcast.net says:

    David, good thought but in the long run could cause just as many problems. As the road edges are used to ride on they will get torn up. As this happens and the soil loosens it will end up as sediment in the drainage ditches, this in turn can cause the culverts that carry water away to clog, eventually leading to road erosion and higher maintenance costs. No this will not happen overnight but the likelihood increases with each vehicle passing by. Maybe put out a call to property owners that are also into off roading and see if you can assemble a block of contiguous properties that you could ride on!

  11. johnboymassage@gmail.com says:

    I don’t like it period….to much noise!!!


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