Does anybody know what happened in regards to the flipped over car?

Ashton Woods

Does anybody know what happened in regards to the flipped over car?

Hi neighbors. My daughter’s and I saw a flipped over car on SBM Road, coming home yesterday late afternoon. We stopped and made sure no one was inside, but it was obviously a serious crash. I pray everyone is alright and that the driver and any passengers made it out safe and sound. It looks like the car was gone this morning, so again, I assume things have been sorted out. I gotta say, my heart sunk on seeing that. Please, friends and neighbors, be careful, especially if you are new to mountains and dirt roads and LOTS of wildlife.

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  1. Michael Tancredi says:

    Got Paul’s e-mail. Has “mountain-pass-down” i got was the young gent, a contractors helper, was traveling too fast and hooked a tire and ended up upside down as discussed. Last I heard, he was OK, and the vehicle recovered without incident.

    Have to echo Paul’s caution about the temptation to “get down quicker”…..that gravel will put ya off in the ditch if you try to roll down too fast, and add the wash-boarding on a lot of the turns…and well….

  2. Paul Wangerin says:

    Thanks for your message Cheryl. Did you see my post from yesterday that addressed this accident and a request for safe driving? I am curious as to whether it got out to all as it did not get into my emails.

    • Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

      Hi Paul, We never received an email about it so I’m assuming your message didn’t go out.

    • Will Waldron says:

      I received your email.

    • Cheryl Willard says:

      I did not see it, that’s why I was curios.

    • Cheryl Willard says:

      Ahh, I see that it’s in the “Notices” section. I should have thought to look there first. Thanks for the warning, a lot of new people here, maybe some who are not familiar with mountainous gravel roads and the wildlife that traverses them.

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