Dominion or PotomacEdison

Ashton Woods

Dominion or PotomacEdison

I recently purchased a property in AW and had the power switched to my name. I assumed that it was Potomac Edison that I was connecting to. I get a notice from them that they can not access the meter since they are not on the gate list. I am confused. Why would they not already by on the list of approved service providers?

Can there be TWO providers of electric power ?

Is it Dominion or Potomac ? Do I change this?


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  1. William Winch says:

    The letter I received was poorly worded, I called and spoke to a supervisor, they wanted access to my property to. They don’t want to walk up the hill to read the meter. I asked what other property owners are doing, apparently the previous owner gave them a key to the chained fence at the end of my driveway. What are others at AW doing?


  2. Kelly & Ed McCarty says:

    It is solely Potomac Edison. They actually cut our property gate chain and installed their own Potomac Edison padlock into the chain that is in addition to our lock at couple chain links over.
    It was a great solution for us and them.

  3. Paul Graham says:

    That makes no sense. Potomac Edison definitely has Ashton Woods gate access. They come read my meter every month. As far as I know, Potomac Edison is the only electricity provider in Ashton Woods. I would call them again. Maybe you can talk to somebody else that knows what is going on.

    I would note that if you have a chain or gate on your property, they need a key for that. They won’t walk your driveway.


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