Electrician Inquiry

Ashton Woods

Electrician Inquiry

We have a lot in AW and wanted to add power to our property. Not ready to build a house yet but to power up our camper. Any suggestions on an electrician to provide reasonable quote for the installation of the electrical work? We have already reached out to Phil for the trench work. Also, if any of you have done the same prior to house building, what are some recommendations you may have? Thank you in advance!

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  1. Steven Thomas says:

    We used Parsons Electric for the customer side pole, service box and wiring. Excellent service at a fair price. Potomac Edison/First Energy Corp is our power provider, who handled extending power from the road to our service pole on the camper pad.

  2. Andi Parkinson says:

    Good morning,
    You just need to call Potomac Edison and describe what you need, they will start a ticket and an engineer will contact you….. BUT…If you are not planning to build within 5 years and you have a driveway longer than 300 feet the “extension” cost is significant. We were quoted $5000 for our 500 foot driveway. They require septic, water and a pad for this fee to be reimbursed (payment is upfront). The engineer was really nice, and said he would really try to work with us (meaning if we just had one of the three in he could try to get the fee reimbursed). He said they do not charge the fee with shorter drives, it has something to do with having to run a high voltage line at that distance. Good luck!
    And Phil is amazing!

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