Electrician Needed

Ashton Woods

Electrician Needed

Good morning everyone!

New lot owner here! My husband and I recently purchased Lot #201 and are very excited to be new community members.

We are in the process of trying to establish electrical service, and was wondering if anyone had any experience working with any local electricians? Would much rather use someone off a recommendation than cold calling. I looked up one of the electricians off the “approved contractor” list but his number must of changed cause all I got was ringing.

Thanks and look forward to getting to know everyone!


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  1. Erin Cosgrove says:

    I used Devito Electric recently and they were great. Had all kinds of wiring issues in my walls and they made sure everything was safe and functioning before they left. Mike Devito: +1 (304) 668-2060

  2. terry.pauline@rcn.com says:

    We have had great service with Chris Miller. He had wired both our man cave down the hill and set up electrical lines above our garage. He is also very responsive to electrical issues. His number is 304-703-2221

  3. Paul Graham says:


    We also use JS Electrical in Moorefield. Jeff is a nice guy and does good work. We have a whole house generator that he services every year. We just give him the code to our chain across the driveway and he does it when he is in the neighborhood even without us in Ashton Woods. I do think, however, that his prices are higher than others in the area.

    Paul Graham

  4. Richard D Willard says:

    For electric service, we’re using Potomac Edison. If you need home contract work done, D&T Builders have been our go to guys, although I may look for someone else as a backup – they’re so busy, it takes time to schedule. Homer’s number at D&T is 304 257 7590.

    Welcome! We’re new owners, too. We’re full time at lot 315, on Winterberry Drive. My name is Cheryl, and my husband is Rich. If you need anything, my number is 571 606 7322. We have a local number, but I haven’t memorized it yet because we use our cell phones mostly.

    • Brian Pecoraro says:

      We’ve used JS Electrical ,LLC in Moorefield for some work at our place. They do great work and are pretty responsive. (304) 530-5400; 1407 US Highway 220N, Moorefield, WV 26836

      Brian & Gina #140

    • Randy Nittoli says:

      Thank you! The actual electrical utility recommends have a licensed contractor hook up the service and install the box, etc. I’ve been trying to find one in the area but haven’t had much luck with getting call backs. I will certainly reach out to who you recommended!

      That’s great you live in the area full time! We both work full time in DC so can’t be out there all our time yet, but need a much needed weekend and summer getaway, so decided to take the plunge! I will certainly reach out to you, thank you for offering!!

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