Ashton Woods


A sad day. The free range Emu was hit by a car today and had to be put down. It was not me.

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  1. Michael Tancredi says:

    Too bad. I may have made a lot of emu jokes, but I would never wish that critter any harm. I can tell you the speed of the large trucks on tough road is pretty scary in sections. I tussled with a stake truck and a certain propane delivery truck this weekend, and nearly got put in a ditch both times. And to be clear, like Tim, this was off property on Trough road. Keep safe out there!

  2. charlie@mtnhome4u.com says:

    So sorry for the emu. How ironic that after surviving a tough winter without starving or becoming dinner for the coyotes, it gets hit by a car! Maybe someone was feeding it on Trough Rd?

    Hey all… also for clarity, it would be nice if posters identified themselves here instead of just their email address or ‘handle’. Without adding your name and lot number you may as well post as ‘Anonymous’. Unfortunately, our owner database has never recovered from changing vendors and still has a lot of blanks. Owners could stand to update that so we know who our neighbors are.

    Charlie Winfree, Realtor
    Lots 61, 71, 77 (live outside of AW)

  3. Tim Schafer, just4schaf@aol.com says:

    For clarity, the Emu was hit along Trough Rd. outside of the Community.

  4. pinelodge@hardynet.com says:

    So sad to hear the Emu news.

    I too wondered whether it survived so far through the winter season.

    Too many ignore the 20 mph speed limit.

  5. Linda Wangerin says:

    Oh, no. I have been wondering if our emu made it through the winter. Saw the subject line and expected a photo. This is such sad news.


    With the speed limit on the property below 20 mph, and the road deserted most of the time, how was this possible??

  7. John Miller says:

    idiots driving to damn fast in Ashton Woods!!!!

  8. Cheryl Willard says:

    Oh, poor Emu!

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