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Ashton Woods

Exterminator / Pest Control

Hello Community, we’re starting to approach cooler weather, which means many of the outdoor critters will soon be looking for a warm place for the fall and winter. We’re still battling the wood roaches and spiders in our basement. Unfortunately the previous referrals on this topic are now gone. Would appreciate any info from folks who have found effective treatment options.

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  1. Bill Russell says:

    We use PMSI for pest management and have for years. They are great. Also, they are registered with the community; so, already have their own gate code.

  2. Linda Wangerin says:

    We use Home Paramount. 100% satisfied. Our technician is Ed and he really cares about the job he does. He comes quarterly. No charge to come back in between if you notices wasps, etc. He does our perimeter, porches, tree house and garage. If we wanted him to do the interior, he would but we haven’t needed it. 301-777-5482.

    Linda Wangerin

  3. Geoff Brehm says:

    We live and let live with the spiders. Especially in the basement. The only place they aren’t allowed is in my bed. They pretty much take care of the bugs for us.

    Predators are the most effective, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly treatment option. Spiders in the house, black snakes, eastern phoebes and toads in the yard. Au naturel!

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