Fed Ex Package

Ashton Woods

Fed Ex Package

Hello, I’m missing a FedEx package that says it was delivered to RSC #2 Main gate this past tuesday. The Address is 42 Potato Ridge Road and was a heavy amazon box. Just checking to see if anyone may have accidentally picked it up. Thank you.

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  1. John F. says:

    We have also learned that for sure if it’s Fed-Ex check the Main Gate as if it’s one of their bigger trucks they can’t/won’t go down Trough Rd since there is no way to turn around.

  2. aviano1@infionline.net says:


    I was going to give you an e-mail last night as I found your package at the West Gate RCS while looking for one of mine that was suppose to be delivered to the Trough View RCS2 on Thursday but forgot when I got home.

    In the last ten years we have had pages delivered to every gate RCS & one even delivered to the West Gate Trash Room. We also had a credit card placed outside on the steps of the West Gate RCS. thankfully an owner who knew us found it and called. Paul W has notified both UPS & FedEx about the proplems but when a new driver not familiar with the rules deliveries, they could delivery it anywhere.

    I try to take our dogs for a ride each evening & usually check the Trough view RCSs late & notify the owners who have a package or take it by their residence if I know them.

    Jerry Cole
    3135 S Branch Mt Rd

  3. John F. says:

    Hi Matt – I believe your package is at the West Gate RCS building. Your code should get you in there as well – let us know if you aren’t able to get in.

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