Female dog found wandering

Ashton Woods

Female dog found wandering

please call us at 304-434-3453

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  1. Cheryl Willard says:

    Hi all,

    Yes, Kim, she was very willing to hop in and take a ride! Good to meet all of you. Jess, Sophie is a sweet, adorable girl; we fell in love with her. BTW, Rich put in the number a little wrong – the last four are 4353. That’s why you got the message about not in service. Sorry about that, it’s still new to us.

    Thank you, Paul, for helping, too, but we went to bed pretty early and weren’t online for about an hour before, so we didn’t see any of these posts until after the fact.

    So glad Sophie made it home to those who love her.

    • Markwood Construction says:

      Update: Ashton Woods mascot is safe at home. Pleasure meeting all of you as well Cheryl! She’s a lover for sure. Usually she introduces us to our new neighbors earlier in the day 🙂 One of my favorite Sophie stories Paul shared years ago. He witnessed her playing alongside a coyote pup while riding his bike down Trough View. She hasn’t ever met a person she doesn’t like or a vehicle she doesn’t want to ride in. We’ve spoiled her over here. She knows our neighbor Phil is good for biscuits and gravy, and she enjoys accompanying Geoff and Molly on their hikes. Wayne, Jeff, and Debbie will pick her up and take her on a short sxs ride when they ride by the house. She thinks the world of all of you, and we do too. Jerry has witnessed her as far down as the Y. He tried to drive up and tell us one day, but she beat him home by taking the shortcut up the ravine. 🙂 Stinker. Thanks again all for looking after her and loving her too. We appreciate all the phone calls we received from this post. – Jess

  2. Geoff Brehm says:


  3. markwoodconstructionllp@gmail.com says:

    That’s our girl. I tried calling the number listed. Computer voice says number isn’t active. Please let her out so she can come home. She enjoys riding and must have followed a visitor that rode a sxs across our property. Please call me back asap. 3048512970

    • KimSkiles says:

      I’m so glad. Thank you Cheryl our new neighbor I got to meet because of Sophie! Jess / jase first time I’ve seen Sophie. She was very comfortable jumping in Cheryls truck. A feel good story of neighborhood community

  4. Paul Graham says:

    That is Sophie. Owned by the Markwoods on Lot 150.


    • Markwood Construction says:

      Thank you Paul! Our official mascot was working over time this evening. Three cheers for the community map! -Jess

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