Firewood Deliveries

Ashton Woods

Firewood Deliveries

Hello all! I’d asked this prior to the web site change and since the boards can’t be migrated, needed to find out again. Does anyone have recommendations for firewood deliveries?

Thank you!

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  1. says:

    depending on how much wood you need, cheapest way is a tri-axel load $550 for 7-8 cords. You will have to cut it, split it and stack it, but far cheaper than buying it by the cord. Brent Liller 304-257-0045 good honest dependable supplier.

  2. Colton Stonebraker – 304.671.5169. I’ve been using him for four years. Only had a problem one year getting shorted because his big truck was down with a transmission problem, but he did come back out and tried to make it right. He’s friendly and service oriented. I think he’s up to $250 for a cord this year, stacked. The going rate range is $150/$200 per cord dumped. $200/$250 per cord stacked, so he’s not the cheapest, but he’s not trying to overcharge people in here assuming they don’t know what they should be paying like some folks and it’s all oak and apple at usable/smaller cuts good for wood stoves.

  3. H&A Regensburger says:

    Stephen Oates 304-620-2828, in April 2018 he delivered 1 1/3 cords for $300. They slid it out of their large trailer. I had to stack it myself. Have ordered twice and always 100% oak.

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