For Safety of Everyone and Road Care

Ashton Woods

For Safety of Everyone and Road Care

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners:

Due to the number of issues regarding speeding and 4 wheel abuse on our roads, we have been forced to implement a number of steps. These steps are important for the safety of all and to help maintain our 56 miles of roads in AW. As an accident is waiting to happen and as the majority of our dues go to maintaining our roads, these steps have become necessary.

1. We have determined that a more reasonable speed limit is 20 MPH, and signs to that effect will be installed.
2. Video monitoring of many of our roadways will be put into place. These cameras will be randomly moved to repeat problem areas.
3. A radar speeding unit will be put in place and also randomly moved to help people monitor their speeds. It will be video monitored to record repeat egregious offenders and progressive steps will be taken as necessary.
4. Additional signs will be placed, reminding people that AW is private property, and randomly riding the roads and hunting without land owners permission is prohibited.

We, as a board, regret that these steps need to be taken. Safety of all and care of our roads is paramount . We want everyone to be able to walk, hike and drive safely on our roads. We want you to enjoy your time in our mountains and our community, and we ask that everyone cooperate with our efforts. Be safe and enjoy Ashton Woods.

Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

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  1. says:

    Thank you Paul. I like the change to 20 mph.

  2. says:

    Most communities react and only make changes when someone is injured or killed. Our proactive response should be applauded by everyone who has family members traveling on our roads. Unless you’re locked in your basement your image is probably being captured daily on some type of social media platform, doorbell camera or other security systems. What is good about our speed cameras, unlike other devices, is they are easy to avoid. Just DON’T SPEED!

    John Rice

  3. says:

    I truly appreciate the efforts being made to fix the speeding and destruction of our roads, however the problems are caused mostly by non- property owners who are coming in on gate codes given to them and or contractors codes. So how are they going to be notified of your attempt to stop this and the changes being made. I live right along South Branch mtn rd and trust me I witness the speeding and destruction daily, so I know we have problems. Just not sure there will ever be a fix to this. Right now after all the work that has been done on the roads this road is so washboard it is terrible driving on it. Phill has raked it at least 4 times and every time the day after it’s right back. So not sure this will be a easy fix, but I will do my part!

    • says:

      it may be worth it in addition to the signage the the board is proposed to post, to notify our list of “favored contractors” that preventing road damage and safety are a priority of the community, and that we ask them to lease respect these guidelines. If a speed camera captures one of these vendors breaking the limits, they can be warned more sternly up to and including a fine. This approach can also be used by those hunters who access our property to attend their hunt club.

  4. says:

    Thank you for taking these important measures to keep us and our roads safe.

    Floyd Gómez-Starnes
    Lots 42 and 43

  5. Bonnie Coulbourne says:

    Where are the legal guidelines for this? Speed cameras are prohibited in the state of WV if I recall correctly. Where will you be sharing these videos and photos? Who will have access to them? You do NOT have permission to post photos or videos of my minor aged children in any form.
    Feel free to email or contact me directly and privately with issues regarding my minor aged guest and children, not on a public forum.

    • says:

      HOAS are generally allowed to put more restrictive guidelines regarding “common areas” than city or state guidelines. This can be done either as a board vote, or as a community vote depending on the bylaws.

  6. says:

    I welcome the new measures to remind everyone to slow down. I have encountered vehicles going so fast it seems like a highway, particularly dangerous on curves.

    20 MPH makes sense.

    Thank you.

    Luis Parada

  7. says:

    So in the notice there is a statement about randomly riding the roads. So does this mean as property owners we wont be allowed to drive and sight see through Ashton Woods?
    Just exactly what does that statement mean?
    Cause we own a side by side and like to take random rides.

    • says:

      To me it sounds like as long as your vehicle or ATV is maintaining 20 MPH it is okay. If not, it’s not. And you aren’t an owner or visiting an owner, don’t come into Ashton woods with your ATV or vehicle.

    • Paul Wangerin says:

      “Ashton Woods is private property, and randomly riding the roads and hunting without land owners permission” is referring to non-Ashton Woods property owners who have come in without permission.

  8. says:


    Thank you for your leadership on this important issue.

    Tom K Lot 55

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