Ford F150 Green and F350 Silver

Ashton Woods

Ford F150 Green and F350 Silver

To all,

Looking to find out who tried to park in Lot 294’s driveway in a F150 Green pickup this morning and who was driving the new F350 Silver pickup that drove through the back of Lot 294 and came out stating they were lost this evening?

We had multiple people stating they were contractors for lots that do not have construction in progress today for the rifle opener.

Please contact me at 856-300-3366.


Jason T. Williams

4 Responses

  1. says:

    I saw the silver one driving around late yesterday

  2. Sean Lecher says:

    If they are trespassing on your lot, call the sheriff and have them cited. If they are hunting, call DNR for the same. Changing codes out is just a band-aid fix. What we need is word of mouth that people are getting fined for trespassing/hunting on private land. Losing money via fines is a greater deterrent than anything we can inconvenience them with.

  3. Markwood Construction says:

    Not sure who they were, just wanted to comment that it sounds like contractor codes should probably be updated next.

    • says:

      Agree or give out temp codes for a specific duration.

      I know that its difficult to manage, but will help out more when I’m a permanent resident.

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