Gate Code Manager Transfer

Ashton Woods

Gate Code Manager Transfer

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners:

Effective immediately, the role of our gate code manager has been transferred to Sergey Mishkovskiy. We are most appreciative to Sean Lecher who has handled this task for the past couple years. Sergey will also have a team of people to assist with the potential gate problem issues. This team includes: Tim Schafer, who will oversee the gate maintenance problems; Melissa Nipper, who will be available to reset the Main Gate; Terry Lockard, who will be available to reset Trough View Gate; and John Flowers who will be available to reset the West Gate.

Email addresses for all these people are available in our website owner directory. Sergey can also be contacted on the “Contacts” link in our website.

Again, we thank Sean, and are appreciative of all are many volunteers that help to make our community as special as it is.

Paul Wangerin

3 Responses

  1. Thomas Waybright says:

    I followed the process Charlie described but took 10 days after sending the deed to get access to the owner’s web site and it has now been 2 full weeks and I still do not have a gate code.

  2. Charlie Winfree (#61, 71 & 77) Realtor says:

    We all appreciate all the volunteer help. Big job managing the gates and the people. For new owners to get their gate code and website access and be on the email list, the instructions on the website call for just two things: send a copy of the deed to “” and the filling-out of the online registration form. Correct? Once they hit the “Register” button, they’re done, right? At that point, they’ve paid and settled on their property are are usually anxious to visit. What should they expect to be the normal turn-around time on the process to get their new gate code? If the process seems to be running slow and they need to get in, who should they make their inquiry to?

    • Paul Wangerin says:

      You are correct on this, Charlie. Our secretary has been quite responsive once he sees the deed of sale, and he the alerts the gate code manager to issue a gate code. There have been several times when the message went into the secretary’s spam file, but that has been very seldom. Sergey may not see this message until the evening as he is tied up at work during the day. We do recommend that the President is copied when the deed is sent to the secretary as that allows another person to be aware of the sale. If things seem to be running slow, please contact me as I see emails several times each day.
      Paul Wangerin

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