Gates/package/trash rooms

Ashton Woods

Gates/package/trash rooms

It seems as though yesterday’s storms caused some chaos to our systems. The Key pads for the package/trash rooms at the main gate are malfunctioning. I had to rig them so everyone could access them, but it is not an ideal solution. The TV and West gates are in the UP position & I’m working to get them working correctly.

The company that services the gates/rooms has been contacted & we are working to get them out to diagnose/repair.


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  1. H&A Regensburger says:

    The Main gate may also be having problems. My key fob and at least one other owners fob doesn’t work now. Punching in our #s on the pad still does work.
    Thanks for your efforts!

    • Sean Lecher says:

      Herb- the issue at the main gate has indeed prevented the fobs from working. We are still waiting in ASAP to schedule their visit up here. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.

  2. says:

    The trash door in RCS2 was wide open (it won’t stay closed when it is not locked), so I placed a bungee cord to keep it closed (like the other doors).

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