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General Community info

Hi all,
We are new owners in the Ashton Woods community and were interested in some general statistics about the community. The community map on the website that shows homes & installed driveways appears to be from 2014. I was wondering if there is an updated one, or if anyone had any information on how many of the lots have actual homes, how many people live in the community as full time residents, etc.
Has anyone had issues with theft and/or trespassing?
Power outages – How often would you say you experience power outages? We’ve arrived a few times to find the clock on the stove blinking, but we haven’t experienced even a flicker while we were there. I was expecting it to go out in the storm on Saturday night, but it didn’t. Trying to determine what size generator we may want to get.
Any other interesting general information you’d like to share with a new member?

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  1. Paul Wangerin says:

    We do not have a map put together since the one on the website has been done. Full time residents are probably around 32 to 35 at this time, and we have 100 plus houses completed or under construction. As there has been so much construction in the last couple years, that may even be higher at this time. I think it would be rather difficult to get accurate figures for this as the information we gathered was done at our homeowners meeting, and the last in person meeting held was 2019 and not everyone who had done building was able to attend.

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