Help with plumbing

Ashton Woods

Help with plumbing

Hi. New owner here. I’m in the process of building a cabin, and need a plumber to install pipes under the foundation since I don’t have a crawl space or basement. I have an excavator and foundation person ready to go, but need advice, and help, with connecting septic and well (solar powered) plus installing all the connections under and inside the house. Anyone that can share advice/experience or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kornel Schuebel.

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  1. says:

    I can recommend the two contractors we used for our new house:

    D&D for plumbing.

    BW Smith for well.

  2. Rich Willard says:

    D&D has redone much of our plumbing and added a connection from the well to the house, the well tank, the hot water heater, and water softener. Great workmanship, people, and the cost was lower than I expected.

  3. Danny Wimer says:

    AVOID the little local jerk in the smurf blue van! (yes, you can gladly tell him I said so) He likes to make promises and not be a man of his word. D&D are good people.

    • Cheryl Willard says:

      Who would that be? The jerk in the blue smurf van? LOL 😀 So I can avoid him in the future.

  4. Paul Graham says:

    Welcome to Ashton Woods! I can second BW Smith. We have used them for several projects, including installing our well. Great to work with.


  5. Tim Schafer, says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I used D and D plumbing and was satisfied with the Quality work. Mike at 304 822 3299 in Romney. Tim 204,205

    • Brian Pecoraro says:

      I had success with BW Smith plumbing and well service recently. Responsive, good work, and fair pricing. 304-496-9977

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