Home insurance recommendations

Ashton Woods

Home insurance recommendations

Hi all,

There was a recent thread on the old forum about that before it was all nuked. Looking for new insurance and would appreciate any referrals as our StateFarm rate went inexplicably up.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bill Russell says:

    My insurance just dropped us because we are too far from the nearest fire station. So… What’s the answer? State Farm is the only insurance company’s name I have seen thus far.

    • Sergey Mishkovskiy says:

      Hi Bill,

      In the end State Farm was the only company that would take our money.

      Thought I’d share it with you. Good luck.

  2. Tom Craigo says:

    I got a quote from State Farm and the price was OK, but they will only give us a deductible of over 4 grand! What!?

    We had The Hartford, and the price was OK, but they didn’t like that we were still doing construction and wouldn’t continue the policy.

  3. grim.betsy@gmail.com says:

    My insurance from State Farm has gone way up too. Did you find a replacement?

    • Sergey Mishkovskiy says:

      I have not unfortunately. I still have a few more weeks to find a replacement though.

      Any local recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

  4. romar1594@live.com says:

    If this is a second home you can get your primary home owner insurance to write it .we have Erie insurance and they same us 1,000.00 per year

    • Sergey Mishkovskiy says:

      It is. Yeah, we looked into that a while back. Our primary insurance co won’t insure our AW house unfortunately. Thanks for your suggestion though.

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