Illegal Activity, Trespassing, Etc. Collective Post

Ashton Woods

Illegal Activity, Trespassing, Etc. Collective Post

AW community, I am putting together an analysis of things that have occurred in AW that would be deemed illegal (trespassing, poaching, destruction of private property). I myself have had several run in’s with people coming into the community on foot, on ATVs, or more concerning, in vehicles (meaning they had a gate code). If you had or have an incident post it here. Who What When Where Why giving a thorough description of each so comparative analysis can be done. To determine if the people doing this are the same or all different etc. additionally I would suggest to the managers the following; delete all gate code numbers, and re issue new codes.

A while back I had a 1980s grey and black Chevy suburban come on my property, spot light the tree line, speed away, and went through the throughview gate. So I know the digital camera caught him. How do we get access to those files? So I can leverage prosecution.

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  1. Christopher Almon says:

    Just purchased lot 142 on trough view road. had it less than a month and already have trail cam photos of three different four wheelers on the property

  2. William Winch says:

    Of course it went through the Trough View Gate exit, they came in that way also. Its always open. It never shuts.



      Don Bartosh lot 10 Clifford hollow
      I also have had someone on a 4 wheeler on my property when I was not there. I do have him on camera though as well. It looked as though he was searching for deer or just was nosey. My property is well posted so this person knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. I don’t have much of a sense of humor with these types if caught

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