Information on Board Meeting Held 1/16/21

Ashton Woods

Information on Board Meeting Held 1/16/21

Our AWPOA board met this past Saturday, and we wanted to share several items with you.

-Our end of 2021 Treasurer’s Report showed 2020 ending with a net surplus of $32,641.02.

-Our roads report indicated the need to replace a number of culverts, which will take place over 2021. While we spread gravel over all roads in 2020, due to much construction currently taking place, there will be a need to do some spot gravelling in 2021.

-Our spring work day for gate landscaping maintenance will be April 17. Watch for more information on that.

-Both the minutes of the meeting and the end of year Treasurer’s Report will be posted in the near future.

-Also, please note that where properties have posted “No Trespassing” or “Private” signs, we ask that you respect this and do not trespass on such properties.

Your AWPOA Board

2 Responses

  1. says:

    Was information sent out to all land owners of this annual meeting cause I didn’t receive any notification about any board meeting taking place.
    The Bargers

    • Paul Wangerin says:

      This was not our annual meeting, just a board meeting. Date of our next board meeting is listed in the minutes, and will be May 1. These are held through teleconference due to covid. We do anticipate being able to hold our annual meeting fourth Saturday in October, 2021.

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