Insurance recommendations please

Ashton Woods

Insurance recommendations please

We have had our Ashton Woods cabin insured through Erie insurance (Baker Insurance Services in Moorefield) since we purchased the property 4 years ago. With no claims, our rates increased 13% for 2020. Time to shop. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Tim Vogt
Lot 219

3 Responses

  1. Michael Tancredi says:

    Just chiming in as my build is getting under way. Thanks for the inputs, will contact Judy. The insurance I have down here (Travelers) just won’t do for the Mountain. Thanks again for your inputs.

  2. H&A Regensburger says:

    We too have State Farm – Judy Ball (304) 538-6166 since we moved out here in 2015. Have used State Farm for 30+ years.

  3. Linda Wangerin says:

    We’ve had State Farm (Judy Ball, Moorefield) since we moved here in 2004. Rates seem reasonable to us.

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