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Ashton Woods

Internet access

We are having a home built on our lot. What does everyone use for Internet access? What’s out there, or is satellite the only option? Is it reliable? How much? Any and all information is appreciated.

Steve Turner
147 Troughview Rd.

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  1. Sean Lecher says:

    Steve- We had Verizon when we moved up here but had to switch to ATT. As far as internet, we have the Blue plan(att), but I see that’s no longer an option. The good thing about Nomad and Unlimitedville, is that you can test it out and cancel with no cost. T-Mobile has good coverage in the area so I’d think that plan would work just fine. I wouldn’t even waste your time trying the Deep Red plan, the closest Verizon tower is out by Winchester.

    • Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

      Hi Steven,
      Just wanted to come back and tell you that after several full days at the cabin, I’m really happy with the US Cellular internet option. We were able to stream netflix with no interruption (there wasn’t even any lag on Saturday night during a hard storm). I had a house full of teenagers who were on their phones to kill time during the rain, and no one complained.
      As a side note, I’m a Maryland resident, but we’ve had US cellular for 20 years. I refuse to pay those big name companies when I get equal and in a lot of cases better service than they provide. And we have great cell service at the cabin!
      (not a paid spokesperson, just a happy customer. Haha!)

  2. Amy Bernatz says:

    We are using cellular internet through U.S. Cellular (they have an office in Moorefield). We just hooked it up a few weeks ago, and so far so good. You have to buy a modem (starting at $200, but you can finance it over a 2 year period on your bill, like buying a cell phone), and then pay a monthly fee (varies depending on how much usage you want to sign up for). I am able to work on my laptop from our cabin with no problem – emails, downloads, large files and video conference calls. The internet on my iPad works great through this. We have not yet tried streaming on the television, because I keep forgetting to bring the firestick, but I was able to stream netflix on my laptop and watch episodes of my favorite shows with no buffering issues.

    • Steven Turner says:

      Great, Thank you Amy! I was thinking of switching my cell service to US cellular anyway. I have heard good things about their coverage in WV. I will check them out.

  3. Philip Collins says:

    Hello. We recently learned about AT&T’s Hotspot. The previous owners had good things to say about it, and we’ve quite happy — with the speed and relatively low cost.

  4. Sean Lecher says:

    We’ve been using Nomad ( for the past 8 months & it’s been quite good & reliable. Previously we used & they were good too. We have a 16 year old that games quite a bit & he is very happy we switched from HardyNet!


    • Steven Turner says:

      Sean, thanks for the info. I went on their web site and it recommended their strong Pink plan(T-mobile). But when I chatted with a Rep online, he recommended Deep Red (Verizon), which is more expensive. My wife has a Verizon cell phone and can’t get a signal much outside the town of Moorefield. Which plan do you have?

  5. Paul Graham says:

    Unless you are lucky enough to be on Lockinger Ridge, where there is fiber optic, the only choices are DSL through Hardy Telecommunications or satellite, such as Dish. We had the DSL when we first got here, but streaming was next to impossible, with constant buffering. We got lucky and they installed the fiber optic line on Lockinger Ridge, so we upgraded to that. If you don’t care about streaming, Hardly Telecommunications is fine. Otherwise, I think you will need to go with a satellite company.


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