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Ashton Woods

Internet Speed

Hi neighbors,

Now that we’re spending more time up here, our Hardynet DSL is not robust enough for all three of us. I recently upgraded from 3 to 6 mbps with Hardynet but I’m only getting about 4.5. They said it’s because we’re on the outer reaches of their coverage area. Does anyone have any experience with Hughes satellite internet? They advertise 25 mbps for less than what Hardynet charges for the 6. We also have Dish satellite and I will check with them since I know they also offer internet. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Tim Sweeney – Lot 118.

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  1. Tim Schafer, says:

    We have Hughs and it is terrible. Loading every 10 seconds or so. Wind, fog rain effect it even more. Verizon spoke with some owners about putting in Fiber about a year ago. They need an easment through a lot but the owner said no from what i heard. Lockinger ridge has Hardy Fiber

  2. Tom Craigo says:

    I don’t have experience with Hughes. Generally speaking, you point a disk at the sky and as long as there is a straight shot to the satellite without any interference (trees, etc) then it will work. The problems with satellite service are 1) it will go out during heavy rain and snow, and 2) if you have a gamer in the house you can kiss your low pings goodbye.

  3. Ed Gorecki says:

    Hi Tim, we have similar issues (we only get up to 1.5 mbps) and haven’t found a reasonable alternative yet. Would you be willing to post the results of your research when you’re done? Cheers, Ed – lot 236

  4. Andy Pirnik says:

    Hey Tim,

    Avoid Hughes like the plague (or Corona-virus) in today’s world. Hughes will cap your data and then you’ll be at less than dial-up speeds very quickly. If you have good cell coverage where you are, you should look into 4G services such as:

    Unlimitedville – – I’ve used these guys and they are very good.
    Cyberonic – – hav3n’t used but similar services.

    If you have good 4G data coverage, you would be around 40-50Gbps in speed.

    Hope that helps.


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