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Is that normal to have military jets flying over?
Kelly mccarty

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  1. Cheryl Willard says:

    I’ve seen the Osprey’s too, along with what looked like military style drones. Anyone else seen that? And I have heard jets going over, but they’re gone before I see them. I’m fine with it – it still beats being near Dulles International… And knowing it’s our military gives me joy. 😀

  2. says:

    Quite common. We use to run the Restaurant at Tygart Lake and they would make weekly bombing practice runs on the Dam, flying quite low. F-18’s.

  3. says:

    According to the Cincinnati Sectional chart, Military Training Route IR714 (instrument only) passes directly over Ashton Woods southeast to northwest and then on to just east of Mt. Storm where the route turns south-southwest. They’re doing mountainous flight training. It’s a 10 mile wide corridor and civilian pilots are given 2 hours notice. One reason why we check NOTAMs before going up, that and not accidentally going into airspace above where Trump might happen to be… 😉

    Here’s an explanation of some of the training activity that has gone on around the Roanoke region and why if anyone’s interested:

  4. H&A Regensburger says:

    Fly over? Numerous times we’ve looked down at the pilots as they fly by. You have to be quick though as they are past you before most of the noise hits.

  5. Richard (Dick) Smull says:

    They have been flying what I presume to be low level training for as long as we have been in AW – many years. The usual performance is by Navy F/A-18s – twin engine jets.

  6. Geoff Brehm says:

    Yes! In town yesterday we saw an Osprey! (the one with the propellers on the wings) Last year I saw a couple black helicopters hugging the treetops at a high speed. Most likely training I suppose. Those jets sure make a lot of noise and by the time you hear them they are usually gone.

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