Landscaping advice?

Ashton Woods

Landscaping advice?

Hi AW Neighbors!

My wife and I are looking to get into a bit more landscaping on our lot now that we have made enough progress on the essential things on our property (e.g. tree/brush cleanup, establishing a lawn, and weed control). We’re looking to tap some of the expertise of our AW neighbors who are more experienced on this front. We’re looking for suggestions on low-maintenance, perennial plants that are relatively deer resistant and are hearty enough to handle the soil here, along with the weather conditions – anything that flowers, leafy evergreens, tall decorative grasses, etc. Appreciate any feedback.

PS – on the tall decorative grasses front, anyone know what type of grass is at the Trough View gate? Also, anyone had luck here with Pampas grasses?

Ed Gorecki

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  1. Paul Graham says:


    Finding perennials that are relatively deer-resistant has been a challenge. We have had deer eat all kinds of plants that are supposedly deer-resistant, from rhododendrons to azaleas to mountain laurel. We’ve had a bit of luck with Henrys Garnet Sweetspires (or Garnet Henrys). While the deer will eat them, they don’t destroy them. And, they are very nice looking plants, turning a beautiful red in the fall. And, we have 3 forsythias that seem to be doing ok, even with the occasional munching from the deer. And, our butterfly bushes have done ok, as well.

    Good luck!


  2. Andy Pirnik says:

    Hi Ed,

    We’ve been using M R Landscape out of Romney and are very pleased with their work. They’ve done a lot for us and are currently finishing some walls up now. POC is Dakota @ (304) 359-4789. They do patios, walls and all sorts of landscaping.

    Good luck!


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