Last Night:: Shoot-out at the OK Corral??

Ashton Woods

Last Night:: Shoot-out at the OK Corral??

Afternoon All,
We were up at our cabin this weekend 10.10.21, at about 3AM-4AM we were awakened by the sounds of gunfire in the vicinity of Clifford Hollow and Ruckman Rd. Not only were we alarmed by the timing and number of rounds fired (over +60), but a vehicle pulled halfway up Ruckman, halted and turned off the lights and motor.

We would like people in the area to be aware. Prior DNR reports have gone unanswered, what is the best course of action, WV State Police?

Danielle & Jeff
Lot 56

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  1. Bern Wolohan says:

    Has anyone filed a police report? Even after the fact having something on file and for them to do a canvas of the area would be beneficial in case it happens again.

  2. says:

    Shooting 60 or more rounds after sunset is not normal. It probably involves someone who should not be approached at 03:00. These types of situations should be handled by law enforcement by call 911.

  3. John Boyle and Bernardo Heres says:

    As new property owners, this is upsetting. Perhaps we can have a round the clock security detail for awhile? What is the punishment if caught? We should put rules in place and what will happen if rules (harsh penalty) are broken.

    • How would we afford ‘around the clock” security for 10,000 acres and 40+ miles of road? That would constitute hiring a small police force. Also, how do we know there was a crime committed? Perhaps it was another property owner shooting on their own land. Rude and not being a good neighbor, but not illegal. Just my 2 cents.

  4. John Miller says:


    I live at lot 62, so you could immagine how loud it was for me? I posted also but hasn’t been put up yet. I got in my car, came down Ruckman and out Ashton Woods to the end of my property and turned off my lights but didn’t hear any more shots until back to my cabin. Maybe you seen my car? I have been talking to Paul and sent him this post advance….. John Miller 572 Ruckman, lot 62

    I just resent it. Something going on with the website because it said it was sent to you. Here is is again just in case.

    Why would someone who lives between the main gate and around 1-2 miles inside start shooting their semi-auto (over 200 rounds) for over an hour at 3AM in the morning? Besides being dangerous it is rude!!! This would fall under our protective covenants {XIV Nuisance}. Did anyone else hear this gunfire barrage Sunday morning? Paul, I would like to here your comments.

    John Miller
    572 Ruckman Road

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