Late Night 4-wheelers

Ashton Woods

Late Night 4-wheelers


I usually don’t say much, matter fact first time ever. Little upset at 11pm at night when we should be sleeping.
Weekend warriors are in here reaping up and down the roads at Red Spruce Drive. Just when you go bed they come out to play! Why don’t we have a quiet time for this set in our rules! It’s very frustrating because they wait till late to ride and play. I don’t care how much they ride through the day time but night time when neighbors are going to bed is uncalled for. Better yet stay on your own property to ride and reap all night! I am sorry but it’s extremely aggravating.


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  1. Ron & Penny Brown says:

    I wanted to give you the assurance that the owner of the orange Dodge truck and black trailer mentioned in a previous post was not trespassing last Saturday, the 27th and I apologize for creating suspicion. My wife and I recently purchased Lot 102 and that Saturday was our first real visit to the property. There is no driveway established on the property and we were onsite to stake out a driveway and hang “No Trespassing” signs along the property lines (in light of what we’ve been reading on the Community page”). We did bring our ATV as we hoped it would be useful in hauling our signage, stakes, equipment, etc. on our property. Since there is no current driveway, I did park our truck and trailer along Trough View and tried my best to park it off the side of the road where there is a minor cleared pull-off area in front of the property, so as to minimize encroaching on Trough View so that passersby could get by without any issue. Throughout the day, we saw a few ATV’s driving along AW, but all were driving slowly, smiled and waved. Toward the end of the day, we went for 20 minute drive ourselves on the roads in AW before making the trek back home, but we stayed to the side of the roads, drove less than the speed limit and pulled off to the side, stopping, when a vehicle came by. Please be assured that we have the same concerns as you all and we sincerely respect the AW community. It’s reassuring to us that our neighbors are looking out for each other and we offer to do the same, albeit, we won’t be permanently residing on the property. We look forward to meeting you in person!

    Ron & Penny Brown
    Lot 102

  2. says:

    One noisy ATV was joy-riding late last night (Saturday April 3) on Ashton Woods Drive and Trough View Rod. I happened to be outside my house and I could see it.

    The ATV was a larger type, with lights on top. It drove up the mountain, out of Ashton Woods through a trail off AW Drive, and did not return. So at least this ATV is very likely a trespasser from outside the AW community.

    I went today to find the point where that ATV trail meets the road and I did. The ATV trail intersects AW Drive at the U-shaped turn on AW Drive (at Lot 135), right before the metal bridge before the Hardy Communications small building at the intersection of AW Drive and Trough View Road.

    In fact, there is a well-traveled ATV trail with fresh tracks from that U-shaped turn on AW Drive (at Lot 135), connecting to Helmlock Lane (outside AW). There are “No Trespassing” signs in both directions at that ATV trail where it meets AW Drive, but given the circumstances it is clear the need to take further action to close that unauthorized access into our community.

    I have pictures that I can share with the board by email.

    Luis Parada

  3. William Winch says:

    I was up at my lot last weekend, I headed down to ACE to pick up a few things and a bright orange RAM pickup truck pulling a black trailer happened to catch my eye on Trough Rd. On my way back it was parked on the side of the road on Trough View inside AW. There were no driveways anywhere near and it was obvious from the tracks that it had been loaded with ATV’s. If they were property owners they would not be parked on the side of the road, if the rear gate was not wide open they would not be there unless they were property owners.


  4. Charlie Winfree (#61, 71 & 77) Realtor says:

    I was about to post a separate message on this but this seems the place. I just listed a beautiful property in AW, but unfortunately it appears kids (adults wouldn’t do this!) have found the flawless grassy area under the pines to be a terrific mug bog. The beautiful grassy area has recently been torn up by ATVs. It’s too soft to repair with a machine and too large to repair by hand. The ATV ruts are 12″ deep in the mud when it was a perfect spread of grass before the ATVs got to it. Now I have to explain to potential buyers that we have an obvious ATV problem in Ashton Woods. If I find ATVs on my real estate listings I won’t give warnings… I will prosecute the riders, of any age, for trespassing and damaging property, regardless of whether it’s owners, guests, or outsiders. ATV users are not welcome on other’s properties without written permission from the owners. Far as I know they’re not welcome on the community roads, either. What gives? Time to deal with this.

  5. Markwood Construction says:

    These lots are sold under the idea that we’re “wild and wonderful.” Reality is, full time property owners have retired here or are raising kids here. I know my reality is more “tired and crazy.” Sorry that no ATV sign Phil posted hasn’t helped. Common sense and courtesy go a long way. Our kingdom’s rule is parked and shut off at 9pm. We don’t even let ours ride on our property after that hour because this ravine carries everything. I’m curious to see how many more machines come across our property since the one behind us is listed. We weren’t here last night to hear it.

    By the way, Nome was excited to see snow Friday. She was convinced she’d be able to break in the new sled trail Phil made for her. 🙂 Thank him again for her.

  6. John Miller says:

    Phil’s problem today could be your problem tomorrow!
    We have two ways to resolve this before getting out of hand.

    1. If this is an owner, then we use Ashton Woods by laws by-laws XVI….Recreation Use
    and XIV….Nuisance and warn them, and if doesn’t end then contact our attorney.

    2. If these people are tresspassers, contact the Sheriff or DNR or both.


    • Markwood Construction says:

      Yes, Miller, his problem is our problem. Especially since we’re real neighbors. The ravine carries our voices both ways. We can hear them calling for the dogs and they can hear us tinkering. We love to ride as much as anyone, and have raised our kids to enjoy it too. As Beagletown said, responsibility is key. We take our ripping and roaring to Hatfield McCoy. We go twice a year to blow off steam, rock climb, and test the limits of our machines. We wouldn’t dare do any of what we do down there in AW. But different people have a different definition for nuisance. We’ve had our picture taken when we’re riding the roads at 15 mph and turned into the road committee for “speeding” when dust wasn’t even coming off our wheels. Our son has been stopped and harassed for “tearing up the roads” when he takes the trash down to the refuse building. We have 365 on his phone, so we know exactly where he is and what his speed his. We’ve forbid him to ride respectfully down some roads because people rip donuts in the cul de sacs, and we know if someone sees him coming from that direction, he’s getting blamed. We get it, some people don’t know/like/want machines. They’d rather spend their time/money on other activities, and that’s great. Ellen was kind enough to private message me to let us know her remark wasn’t for us, because she knows the dialog that happens offline. I’m chiming in because I wanted to make it transparent for everyone in here too. It’s no surprise we love to ride, and we are glad to see others riding too. I’m not as glad late at night when the dog barks because of someone going by, but I’m not calling the law on our neighbors for living. I’m calling them directly. All she is asking for is a little respect in her neck of the woods. In the grander scheme of things, it’s what we all want. Laws don’t create respect, a sense of community does. We can’t build a community if our first call is to a cop/dnr/lawyer/AW committee member. We need to talk to each other first. Ellen did good in my opinion by putting it in here. She doesn’t know who it was, so if it was a reader, go talk to her. Ellen and Phil are good people. As we continue to develop land, I hope we are also able develop a sense of community.

  7. says:

    I am all for responsible use of 4 wheelers and hope that irresponsible people do not cause additional rules for responsible people. It’s a shame that people aren’t thinking of others. Hopefully it’s folks outside of the community (with the gate issues) and things will settle down once fixed.

  8. William Winch says:

    There are no rules until the rear gate is repaired.

  9. John Miller says:

    Thought there was rules against 4 wheelers on all roads in Ashton Woods?

    • Tom Craigo says:

      There are rules, but anyone who is being that inconsiderate aren’t bothered by rules. I’ll be the first to admit I will putt putt my ATV down to my 2nd lot or go site seeing to put some miles on the ATV after it has sat all winter. But, that’s entirely different than blasting down the roads messing up the roads and being a nuisance.

    • says:

      I do the same as Tim and putt putt for sight seeing. I go under the speed limit because I am looking for deer, birds, flowers, etc.

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