Lawn Maintenance

Ashton Woods

Lawn Maintenance

I am looking for a lawn maintenance service. Any recommendations.

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  1. Rich Willard says:

    I called J&J Lawn Service as they were recommend and they were close to Ashton Woods. We have about 1 acre of grass to cut. He told me the cost would have to include a travel cost to get into Ashton Woods and to my house, so he said this would not be a $40 job. I was fine with that but I was not fine with his estimate. He wanted $175 each time he cut our grass. That is a very expensive travel cost and we decided to buy our own lawnmower. Some contractors like to increases prices on people living in Ashton Woods.

  2. says:

    What are you looking for?

    • Veronica Banks says:

      A cleanup as it has not been tended since august. Then regular cutting during the season.

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